What Color Shoes With Green Dress? (10 Recommended Color Shoes)

What Color Shoes With Green Dress?

Call it mint green, apple green, medium sea green; the color green is here to stay. It is known to enunciate a breath of freshness, something to bring you closer to nature.

Green dresses are extremely compatible since they work in all kinds of situations and events like dinner parties, weddings, festivals, etc. However, people might find it cumbersome to pair them with shoes. But we are here to help you treat that issue.

Apart from the normal and basic colors like black and white, you can pair your green dresses with other color shoes like silver, gold, beige, red, pink, etc.


Though these colors might seem bizarre at first, we are here to explain why you must experiment with colors with your green dress.


10 Best Color Shoes that Suit Green Dresses Flawlessly

The following are the best color options when it comes to pairing them with green dresses:


1. Black Shoes with Green Dress

Black Shoes

While this is a no-brainer, it goes without saying that black and green is an exemplary choice. It has been tried and tested over the years, and it cannot possibly go wrong.

If you are attending a party, we recommend black stiletto heels. On the other hand, if it is a casual event, something like a birthday party, you can also wear black converse or sneakers.

This will help you create a quirky and fun look.

You can match your belt with your black shoes. This will also enhance the overall dimension and structure of your dress. Lastly, gold jewelry will never disappoint.


2. White Shoes with Green Dress

White Shoe

Aside from black, you can also play a fair and safe game with white shoes. Partnering your green dress with a nice pair of white shoes will supplement the brightness of the green color without nullifying its richness.

This combination also works for all kinds of events. It also gives you more freedom in terms of accessorizing.

For example, you can either wear gold or silver jewelry- whatever your mood is.

Just like black, you can also wear a thin white belt to make your outfit look more structured and glamorous.


3. Silver Shoes with Green Dress

Silver Shoe

Well, let us now talk about the lesser-talked combinations with green.

You can create your own modern fairy tale with silver shoes and a green dress. It works well with all shades of green, like mint green, dark green, forest green, lime green, etc.

The glimmer that comes from silver shoes will add a touch of magic to your outfit and bring the limelight to you almost instantaneously.

You can either get mules, wedges, peep toes, ankle straps, or platforms. Regardless of what you choose, silver shoes will help you make the most of your green dress.

As far as the jewelry is concerned, you can experiment with silver earrings, pearl studs, and black watches. We’d definitely avoid gold jewelry with silver shoes if we were you.


4. Gold Shoes with Green Dress

Gold Shoe

If silver is coming off as too much in your face, we suggest its lighter alternative- gold.

Golden shoes will add sparkle to your dress without making it seem too loud or flashy. The freshness of green and radiance of gold will almost create a beautiful image of beautiful sun rays penetrating through the forest trees.

This combination will give you a look of royalty, a demeanor of elegance.

You can pair it with gold jewelry like gold hoops or a gold necklace with a diamond pendant. You can also wear a gold watch to beautify your wrists.


5. Beige Shoes with Green Dress

Beige Shoes

If you want to make your legs appear longer, we suggest pairing your green dress with beige shoes. This shade of nude, when matched to your skin complexion, will give others an illusion of those long legs.

Moreover, they are fairly easy to pair with as well. For example, if you have pale skin, we suggest going with the beige, sheer, or light taupe.

If you have olive skin tone, we suggest going with other shades of nudes like warm bricks, peaches, or corals.

Lastly, we recommend going with brown shades if you have dark skin.


6. Red Shoes with Green Dress

Red Shoes

Now comes the lesser-known color combinations.

While you might think that the combination of red and green only goes for Christmas trees, you are certainly wrong.

You can save this combination for festivals and special events as it will bring a Christmassy vibe to the table.

Even though both are loud colors, you can save yourself from looking gaudy by pairing it with a white purse.

Gold or silver jewelry will also create an outstanding and fashionable outfit.


7. Pink Shoes with Green Dress

Pink Shoes

Pink and green are said to be colors matched in heaven- be it for home decor or for matching dresses with shoes.

If you want to bring out the extravagance of your green dress, we suggest paying more attention to the varying shades of pink.

For example, if you have a lime green dress, wear barbie pink shoes.

Army green and hunter green shades go with fuchsia. Lastly, if your dress is extremely green, go with coral shoes.

Pick wisely, and you’ll be the talk of the party with your bold shoe choices.


8. Purple Shoes with Green Dress

Purple Shoes

Though they might be contrasting in nature, purple and green are the colors that live in harmony with each other.

But this combination only works with some shades of green like olive green and sheen green.

We’d not recommend pairing purple shoes with any other shade of green.

You can experiment a little with jewelry and additional accessories like scarves, belts, anklets, etc.


9. Animal Print Shoes with Green Dress

Animal Print Shoes

Animal print is yet another shoe option with contrasting views. Hate it or love it, these shoes go exceptionally well with green dresses.

You can try shoes with leopard print, snake print, or giraffe print.

But once you have paired your green shoes with animal print shoes, it is best to keep jewelry to its minimum.


10. Yellow Shoes with Green Dress

Yellow Shoes

We’d like to end the article by giving you one more combination that might seem weird at first, but it’ll make you look good.

Don’t worry; several celebrities have tried this combination and have rocked the red carpet. If they can, you can, too!

Yellow shoes will work against a subtle green dress without making your outfit seem too bright. You can wear this combination during day events.

Matching them with gold jewelry will also be an easy task.


Tips for Styling your Green Dress

If you need some additional help in styling your outfit, we have the following tips for you:

  1. If your green dress is of solid color without any patterns, only then accessorize it with jewelry. If it has patterns, it is best to skip earrings and bracelets.
  2. Keep your makeup subtle to avoid looking like a Christmas elf. You can opt for olive green-toned eyeshadow and nude lipstick.
  3. Create a neutral statement with white or yellow gold jewelry.
  4. White bags go best with green dresses. They engage well with the brightness of the color without being too loud to somebody’s eye.
  5. Don’t always try to match everything. Keep a certain level of contrast to your overall outfit.



Can you wear a green dress to a wedding?

You can wear green dresses to a wedding, especially if you are going as a guest. It works well for spring weddings since the color stands as the epitome of the freshness of nature.


What does green clothing symbolize?

Green clothes can ignite a fire of confidence and growth. It will make you seem more energetic and lively.


Final Note

Green can be tricky but never impossible to style. You can take some fashion inspiration from the aforementioned article and create your own signature style with your favorite green dress.

What color shoes are you going to go for? Do let us know in the comments below.

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