What Color Shoes To Wear With Blue Dress and Outfits (10 Recommended Shoe Colors)

What Color Shoes To Wear With Blue Dress

Blue is the color of elegance, especially when it comes to dresses. Its varying shades like turquoise, royal blue, and yale blue are some of the most preferred options when it comes to making a strong fashion statement.

However, all blue dresses are incomplete without matching shoes. No, we do not simply mean wearing blue shoes with blue dresses. You can also wear other colors like black, white, nude, gold, red, green, etc.

We have several other tips waiting for you in the following article. Without further ado, let us get started.


10 Recommended Shoe Colors to Style Your Blue Dresses

Best Color Shoes to Style Your Blue Dresses

Gone are the days when you’d pair everything in their matching colors. Since fashion is all-inclusive, it gives you the liberty to experiment with colors.

When it comes to your blue dress, the subsequent color shoes will undoubtedly bring out the royalty- something that the color is known for.


1. Black Shoes for an Easy Fashion

Black Shoes for a Simple and Stunning Look

Are you somebody who is not willing to take high risks, especially when it comes to fashion? Or, are you somebody who wants to make the best out of their blue dresses without making excess efforts? If yes, we suggest going with a no-brainer option- black shoes with blue dresses.

This combination might be ordinary and straightforward, but it is ICONIC!

Since both are intense and dark colors, you can wear this combination on dinner dates, evening parties, and even professional settings.

Moreover, this combination works for all skin tones. Therefore, if you want to play it safe without coming off as conventional, this combination is a must-try.

Pair it up with a nice pair of sleek gold earrings or pearl studs.


2. White Shoes to Express Sophistication

White Shoes for a Distinctive Look

White color shoes are also a common sight in every woman’s wardrobe. You can easily pair them with any kind of blue dress.

We suggest stilettos with a white hand purse and pearl studs if it is an evening gown.

If it is something casual, you can also wear your white converse. It might sound unconventional to some, but it certainly is fun, especially if you are going to the park. You can wear a denim jacket on top to bring out the inner fun woman.


3. Nude Shoes for a Natural Look

Nude Shoes for a Neutral Look

Nude shades are in, and they are here to stay.


Because they go with every color, every shade.

You can easily pair your blue dress with varying shades of nudes.

For example, if you have a light blue dress, we suggest pairing it with an Irish cream shade. If the color is dark, we recommend a peach melody shade.

You can also go according to your skin tone and choose accordingly.

A pair of gold earrings will bring out the true essence of your blue dress with nude shoes.


4. Gold Shoes for an Extra Glimmer

Gold Shoes for a Gold Look

Since blue dresses and gold jewelry go hand-in-hand, why not add more sparkle with a pair of gold shoes?

Gold shoes will nullify the intense color of blue without making you look dull. They work with all kinds of skin tones and occasions.

You can rely on this color combination for weddings, evening events, etc.

This combination also allows you to skip the earrings. But we recommend carrying a satchel or small handbag to complete the outfit. You can also invest in a nude-colored scarf to tie around your neck.


5. Red Shoes for a Bold Statement

Red Shoes for a Surprising Look

Red and black go together- be it in terms of room interiors or fashion.

A nice pair of red stilettos will make you look sexy as well as confident. Leave this combination for parties and evening events instead of professional settings.

The color contrast will look even better with a white or golden purse. You can complement your outfit with a golden watch as well.


6. Green Shoes for a Contrast Effect


If you are up for experimenting, we recommend pairing your blue dress with green shoes.

No, don’t go already. Hear us out.

Blue and green are vibrant colors, almost enunciating freshness and liveliness. Though they might not seem like everybody’s go-to choice, they will unquestionably turn heads for all the right reasons.

You can nullify the intense colors by pairing your outfit with a silver bag.


7. Pink Shoes for a Chic Look

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” While that was limited to the Mean Girls, you can wear pink shoes with blue dresses on all days, on all occasions.

This combination will give a chic and debonair look. You can pair it with black or gold earrings.


8. Printed Shoes for some Wildness

Animal prints might seem questionable to some, but we absolutely love them. They’re wild, they’re fashionable, they’re stylish, and they’re a complete hit!

You can try cheetah print, reptile print, leopard print, or zebra print on blue shoes.

They might seem like a wrong choice at once, but there is no right and wrong if you wear them with confidence.


9. Floral Print for a Refreshing Look

If your blue dress is plain, you can add some pop of color to it by going with floral-printed shoes.

This combination is best for daytime activities.

You can pair it with a satchel or a scarf. Just ensure that the additional accessories are simple and have solid colors.


10. Blue Shoes for a Neutral Look

Monochromatic looks are easy to create but difficult to carry.

If you want to wear blue shoes with your blue dress, go ahead. Just invest some additional time in accessorizing it.

For example, you can start with a thin black belt, a golden purse, and a black watch. This will give you an elegant look without harrowing after different color combinations.



Q. Which color shoes should you avoid with a blue dress?

 Even though blue is something that makes everything look more elegant, it is best to leave the color yellow out. Yellow and blue will never go together, so it is best to keep your yellow shoes far away as you wear a blue dress.


Q. Which earrings go best with blue dresses?

We suggest going with gold, coral, or burnt orange colored earrings. These colors will draw attention to your earrings without nullifying the elegance of your blue dress.


Bottom Line

As you can see, blue might be challenging to pair with. However, with the right color combinations, you can create the perfect outfit for all types of occasions.

Regardless, have fun with the color blue, and let us know your views in the comments below!


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