What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Dress? (8 Shoes Recommeded By Stylists)

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Dress?

Wearing the same colored shoes with your outfit seems like a thing of the past. Gen-Z is known to create contrasts with their overall look by experimenting with colors and designs.

In this article, we shall be talking about the possible color options in shoes to wear under a navy dress. One quick answer is nude shades, black, and golden.

But if you are interested in the field of fashion, we highly suggest going through the entire article. We shall discuss some fashion tips to help you style your navy dresses more elegantly.


8 Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Dress

After careful consideration and consultation with expert stylists, we have compiled a list of the top colors for shoes to pair with navy dresses.


1. Nude Shades For an Elegant Look

Nude Shoes

Once you try the nude shades, you can never go back. Probably no other color enhances your navy dress more than a nice pair of nude shade shoes.

The nude shade must be decided on the basis of your skin tone. Go with something peacy if you are pale. If you have an olive shade of skin tone, brown shoes will make your legs look longer. Lastly, go with dark brown shoes if you have charming dark skin.


2. Black for that Classic Look

Black Shoes

Black and Navy– since both are solid and bold colors, you can use those high peep-toe black heels to create the evening outfit.

Irrespective of your skin tone, black shoes will help you rock your navy dress, regardless of the type of dress or occasion.

If you think that the black shoes will make your navy dress loud, you can accessorize it with silver jewelry. This will give you a chic look that will bring the limelight to your outfit.


3. Golden for a Royal Look

Gold Shoe

If you are planning to wear your navy dress at a wedding, we highly recommend pairing them with golden stilettos or pumps.

Even if you go with platform heels or sandals, your look will look equally royal and magnificent, almost straight out of a fairy tale.

You can accessorize with gold jewelry and a studded purse or handbag.


4. Yellow for a Sunny Day Out

Yellow Shoes

If your navy dress is casual, you can wear it on a picnic day by pairing them with yellow shoes. Such color will brighten your outfit by adding a pop of freshness.

If you are someone who believes in matching, you can pair it up with a yellow tote bag. Such a combination will help you achieve your desirable fun and casual look.


5. Silver for a Subtle Look

Silver Shoe

Do you want to highlight your navy dress without accessorizing it with jewelry? Well, why not pair it up with a pair of shiny silver shoes.

Silver shoes will successfully fill the shoes (did you see what we did there?) for any jewelry. If you have something that sparkles, your outfit is ready to rock!


6. White for a Sophisticated Look

White Shoe

White shoes are a no-brainer when it comes to pairing them with navy dresses. It comes off as casual as well as sophisticated.

If you do not have anything in white, shoes in cream color will also do. You can either pick out some heel or converse.


7. Red for a Spontaneous Look

Red Shoes

Red shoes with a navy dress will elevate your look for any first date. It will make you seem more confident and upbeat.

You can pair them with silver or gold jewelry. Even if you skip the jewelry, your outfit will look marvelous.


8. Navy for a Coordinating Look

navy Shoes

The right kind of navy shade will accompany your navy outfit in the most graceful manner. Even if it is not the exact match, a little bit of contract will not hurt any soul.


How to Accessorize Your Navy Dress?

Fashion goes beyond shoes, and if you want to style your navy dress to perfection, we suggest going through the following tips:

1. Dig into all the pearls, gold, and silver in your wardrobe. Since navy is considered to be a neutral color, its saturation is such that it works with all kinds of jewelry.

You can pair your navy dress with a string of pearl necklaces, especially if you have a v-neck dress. The long streamline of the neck will help bring all the attention to your dress as well as the necklace.

As far as earrings are concerned, you get the liberty to choose between silver or gold. Go according to the occasion and make your best judgment.


2. Avoid printed shoes, at least with navy dresses. Even if you think that it might seem unique, it will simply throw off your entire outfit.

Stick with colored shoes- be it black, gold, white, or silver, and never opt for printed shoes.


3. A white blazer or denim jacket will give you the right kind of professional look with a navy dress. You can even wear that look while giving presentations or attending meetings at your office.


4. Camel or brown shade dress coats will instantly remind you of the autumn fashion. It is a perfect outfit for all kinds of occasions- be it a Sunday brunch or dinner date.


5. You get a whole new room for experimentation when it comes to choosing handbags to pair with your navy dress. You can either match your handbags with your shoes or you can give it a whole new contrast.

The choice is yours.

Author’s Note: We also recommend wearing colorful scarves with your navy dresses. However, do not go overboard by wearing scarves as well as a necklace. Keep it simple.



What color compliments navy blue dress?

Colors like black, golden, nude shades, silver, and yellow work best with navy blue dresses. You can choose the one as per your skin tone and personal preference and create a beautiful and elegant outfit.


What color dress goes with navy shoes?

If you have navy-colored shoes, you can pair them with yellow, green, orange, or golden dresses. Even dresses of nude shades will make you look elegant.


Final Note

Fashion can be exciting. Fashion can be experimental. Fashion can be fun. This allows you to experiment with colors, shades, and props to make your outfits more beautiful and glamorous.

Choose the right shade of shoes with your navy dress and turn a regular outfit into a beguiling and tantalizing one.

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