What Color Shoes To Wear With Pink Dress? (7 Recommended Combinations)

What Color Shoes To Wear With Pink Dress?

The color pink can never go wrong. It is associated with love, friendship, togetherness, happiness, and all the happy adjectives that you could think of. The color is incredibly suitable for all, even men.

But when it comes to pink dresses, what color shoes should you wear? If that question regularly arises in your mind, you have landed on the right article.

For a quick answer, pink dresses work best with gold, purple, white, silver, nude, and black colored shoes, etc. If you want to learn how to style your pink dress, the following article is waiting to cater to your questions.


7 Best Color Combinations for Shoes to Pair with a Pink Dress

We are here to make styling easier for everybody. The following color shoes are easy to get, and you wouldn’t have to go through the excessive hassle of getting millions of expensive accessories.


1. Gold Shoes with Hot Pink Dress

Gold Shoe

Do you want to feel like a modern princess, waiting for Prince Charming to take you to the ballroom? Well, we can’t promise Prince Charming, but you will certainly feel the royalty by pairing dark pink dresses with gold shoes.

Such a combination is an obvious choice. The hue of hot pink will bring out the shimmer of gold and vice versa. The pop of color matched with a neutral and subtle shade of gold will bring the limelight to your outfit.

If gold is turning out to be too loud or glittery for you, you can also go for rose gold shoes.

Pair the outfit with small studs or a thin necklace to highlight that gorgeous face of yours.


2. Purple Shoes with Fuchsia Pink Dress

Purple Shoes

You might think that fuchsia and purple are the same since they stand close in the color palette.

However, a minute yet significant difference between them makes purple shoes go well with fuchsia pink dresses.

While the combination might look gaudy to some, you can neutralize the colors with a white hat, scarf, or some gold jewelry.


3. White Shoes with Blush Pink Dress

White Shoe

To rock that summer look, we recommend pairing white shoes with your blush pink dress.

The soft and pale hue of blush pink will complement your white shoes. Even though both are natural colors, you can create a cute Barbie look without being too gaudy with your fashion.

If you feel that it is getting too simple, you can carry a purse of contrasting colors like black, silver, gold, purple, or yellow- whatever your heart desires.

We love this combination because of the scope of experimentation that it provides. Have fun with it with varying colors and accessories without worrying about any fashion policing guarding you down.


4. Silver Shoes with Carnation Pink Dress

Silver Shoe

If metallics is where your heart lies, you can pair your light pink dresses with silver stilettos.

This combination is ideal for evening parties and ballroom events. Be it a short dress or a full-fledged gown; you can rock that look with some silver shoes.

If the glitter is not enough for you, silver hoops or a necklace will certainly do justice to your outfit.


5. Nude Shoes with Classic Pink Dress

Nude Shoes

Pick out any random nude shade, and it will match perfectly with a classic pink dress.

If you want a subtle look, you can match your pink dress with beige or brown sandals. But if you want to dress up for a romantic date, we suggest nude stilettos or pumps.

Nude shades also give you the liberty to wear your favorite pieces of jewelry. Be it gold, silver, emeralds, or pearls; your jewelry will be highlighted without distracting others from your beautiful pink dress.


6. Black Shoes with All Shades of Pink Dress

Black Shoes

Not feeling adventurous? Want to play it safe? If yes, you can choose your regular black shoes for any kind of pink dress.

Well, we do not mean that pairing your pink dress with black shoes will make you seem normal and ordinary. This is still a pretty iconic look.

You can choose the types of shoes according to the occasion. Even black converse will go a long way in fixing up a nice outfit for casual events.

If it is something traditional like a wedding, we recommend matte black heels.

Pair it up with gold jewelry to bring out the brightness of pink and the intense hue of black.


7. Yellow Shoes for a Fun Event

Yellow Shoes

The aforementioned color options might be suitable for all types of events- causal and formal.

However, if you like the color yellow, we recommend saving it to pair with your pink dresses for informal events like a bachelorette party.

This color combination is bold and fun. It is not meant for black-tie events.

Regardless, have fun with the pop of color. Throw in some gold jewelry, a patterned scarf, or a nude shade of stockings.


Tips for Styling your Pink Dress

Looking like a Diva might be hard work. But with the right techniques and tips, you can make the process fun and hassle-free.

We have the following tips for you to style your pink dress with minimal effort and get glamorous results:

  1. Aim for a dramatic makeup look. Start with a pale pink eyeshadow with a bright and dark black eyeliner. If it gets too much, you can wear beige lipstick.
  2. Go with nude shades of purses. You can also try white and black for a sleek look. Avoid pink purses on pink dresses. You might just end up looking like candy.
  3. Opt for gold jewelry with pink dresses. Pink emeralds are also a preferred choice.
  4. Strawberry pink jackets are in fashion presently. Select a different shade of pink to match it.
  5. If you do not want a monochromatic look, we suggest going with a denim jacket or beige coat to get a complete look.



Which color of lipstick goes with a pink dress?

Nude shades of lipsticks go best with pink dresses. You can experiment with colors in terms of eyeshadows but stick to neutral colors when it comes to lipstick.


Can you wear a hot pink dress to a wedding?

As far as weddings are concerned, all color dresses are welcome, except for white. Hot pink dresses can also be a good choice for bridesmaids’ dresses.


Bottom Line

Pink is easy to style with, but a small mistake can make you the talk of the room and not in a good way.

Well, we have provided several options in the aforementioned article. Style your pink dress with your favorite color. Just ensure that it goes according to the shade of pink.


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