What Color Shoes With Orange Dress? (6 Recommended Shoe Colors)

What Color Shoes With Orange Dress

Orange is a solid and bold color. Some might even find it outlandish and elaborate. But is it so? Well, not necessarily. You can carry any type of orange dress with the right blend of confidence and accessories.

We shall talk about the additional accessories in some other article, but let us focus on your shoes for now. If you are planning to wear a sleek orange dress, we recommend choosing gold, nude, black, red, white, and purple shoes.

If our recommended colors seem odd to you, we suggest you go through the entire article. Our team of fashion stylists has explained their reasonings for selecting those colors, in addition to styling tips.


6 Recommended Shoe Colors to Wear With an Orange Dress

Best Colors Shoes to Wear With an Orange Dress

Orange comes in several shades. For example, tangerine, tiger, sandstone, amber, fire, etc. Call it a complicated color in terms of fashion, but it does bring a pop of color to the room.

While it might seem challenging to pair orange with other colors, the following shades work best with an orange dress:

1. Gold Shoes with Orange Dress

Gold and orange have a rich color history. This combination catches the limelight in terms of giving out a luxurious and enchanting feel.

At the same time, pairing your orange dress with gold shoes will remind you of the peace and tranquility of autumn. Such relatability makes this combination best for day events, especially the ones held outdoors.

But you can wear your orange dress with gold shoes for ballroom events as well by pairing them with gold jewelry. A subtle piece of necklace or stud earrings will go a long way in enhancing your dress without pulling all the attention to the accessories.


2. Nude Shoes with Orange Dress

If you are going with nude shoes, it is necessary to understand the different types of shades. Along with that, it is crucial to determine the best shade as per your skin tone.

But why nude shoes? 

Well, for starters, they go with almost all kinds of outfits. Furthermore, nude shoes make your legs appear longer. Lastly, you can rely on nude shoes to complement the outfit without drawing attention from your dress.

If you have pale skin, we recommend pairing your orange dress with lighter shades of nude, possibly with peachy tones. This will not create a contrast with your skin color and give you a sleek appearance.

Similarly, if you have medium-brown or olive skin tone, shoes with light brown shades are your best friend.

Last but not least, if you have dark skin, go with dark brown shades of nude colors. This will alleviate your overall look and also make you look tall. Talk about getting an added bonus, haha.

You can also pair it with gold jewelry or a white purse to get a complete and ready-to-rule-the-world look.


3. Black Shoes with Orange Dress

Black and orange is an epic combination, something that will work at any event, at any given time of the day.

Irrespective of the shade of your orange shoes, a pair of black wedges, pumps, or stilettos will significantly improve your look.

Not only do black shoes look classy, but they also give a hint of sexiness and a romantic appeal, making them a viable option for dates.

You can also wear sheer lace stockings if you do not want to show your skin while still wearing your beautiful orange dress.


4. Red Shoes with Orange Dress

Wait, hold up. We understand how red and orange might not be your go-to color combination when it comes to styling. But hear us out.

Red and orange are warm colors. They play together easily, giving an almost tranquil and peaceful color combination without coming off as too loud.

You can pair red shoes with any kind of orange dress, be it a slit maxi dress or a bodycon dress.

Moreover, it will also give out a festive vibe without being too gaudy. If you feel that the colors are getting too loud, you can tone it down by pairing it with a white purse or some gold jewelry.


5. White Shoes with Orange Dress

Lighter shades of orange work well with white shoes. You can also pair your white heels with orange dresses with white floral prints. This will also fulfill the need to create matching outfits.

You can also pair white shoes with darker shades of orange like yam and amber.

Pay close attention to the patterns and select your white shoes accordingly.

If you want to play it safe, choose lighter shades of white like pearl, chiffon, and daisy.


6. Purple Shoes with Orange Dress

Purple and orange might not be a conventional choice, but it certainly isn’t unusual. It is a bold choice that provides fruitful results if styled correctly.

You can wear purple sneakers with a jumper, sun, or babydoll dress.

If you have a halter dress, we recommend getting purple stilettos.

You can also accessorize yourself with some gold jewelry.


What About Animal Print Shoes?

What About Animal Print Shoes

As far as orange dresses are concerned, it is best to keep animal print shoes at the back of your closet.

But if you still feel the need to flaunt your animal print shoes, you can try cheetah print or leopard print. However, only wear those shoes if your orange dress isn’t patterned; otherwise, your outfit will look tawdry.



Tips for Styling Orange Dress

Tips for Styling Orange Dress

You can also benefit from the following tips in terms of styling your orange dress flawlessly:

  1. Since orange is a striking color in itself, it is best to keep the makeup simple and neutral. 
  2. Over-the-knee black boots go perfect with orange dresses, especially with above-knee length dresses.
  3. You can wear orange dresses at formal and casual events by pairing it with different types of accessories. For example, enhance your outfit with a statement necklace and rings if you are attending a formal event. In case you are attending a casual get-together, we suggest pairing your dress with a black belt and a watch. 
  4. You can get that floral look by getting a pearl headband or knot headband.



Q. What color jewelry goes with an orange dress?

If your dress is in a darker shade of orange, gold jewelry will look rich and enchanting. On the other hand, silver jewelry will look better on light or pastel shades of orange dresses.


Q. What should I wear with an orange dress?

Play around with pastel colors when matching your orange dress. You can try a tote bag with a beige overcoat.


Final Say

Orange dresses are fun. They bring an instant pop of color to your look without being called a walking rainbow.

So, flaunt your orange dresses with the right color-coordinated shoes. Have fun with accessories, and don’t forget to step out in style with the right confidence!

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