What Color Shoes With Grey Pant? (7 Recommended Shoe Colors)

What Color Shoes With Grey Pant?

In a professional culture, black and grey pants are the kings. They dominate office looks with their attractive and charismatic appearance.

But to get a complete look, you must find the right color shoes that complement the outfit. You can’t possibly think of wearing animal printed shoes with grey pants, especially while giving a presentation in your office.

The best colors that go well with grey pants are black, brown, grey, etc. On the other hand, if you want to look beyond these regular colors, you can also wear red, purple, blue, and nude shoes with grey pants.

The following article will highlight the best ways to style your grey pants with simple as well as bold colors.


7 Recommended Shoe Colors with Grey Pants (Formal)

Since there are several colors to experiment with, we divided the article into formal and fun color shoes to pair with your grey pants.

Let us start with the former section.

1. Black Shoes with Grey Pants

Black Shoes with Grey Pants

This was a no-brainer, wasn’t it? Black shoes are not only basic but also iconic in terms of formal attires. Along with that, you can also wear black sports shoes while wearing grey joggers to the gym.

A good pair of black leather shoes will bring shine and sophistication to your outfit. These are perfect for formal settings in terms of style and comfort. If you are planning to wear black shoes to your workplace, we suggest boat shoes, loafers, Moccasins, Oxford shoes, Monkstraps, etc.

On the other hand, if the grey pants are meant to be worn to the gym or a casual outing, you can wear your regular sneakers or converse.

Women can wear black platform sandals, shop block heels, etc. Pumps will also give your outfit the edge it requires.


2. Brown Shoes with Grey Pants

Just like black, brown is a safe option to bet on while wearing grey pants. You can match your grey outfit with varying shades of brown like coffee, syrup, tawny, chocolate, etc.

In terms of versatility, brown shoes can be worn in casual as well as formal events. You can put on your brown loafers or slip-on shoes for office parties and day-to-day wear.

Since brown and grey are neutral colors, it is very easy for them to blend with each other from a distance. You can offset that by pairing cool grey shades like gray or cloud with a warm shade of browns like caramel and pecan.


3. Grey Shoes with Grey Pants

While grey shoes with grey pants might not appeal to everybody, it is still a good fashion choice.

The only factor that you must pay attention to is the shades of colors.

For example, pair warm grey shoes with warm grey pants and cool grey shoes with cool grey pants. Intertwining with the temperature might make you seem too dull.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to experiment with the different shades of colors. You can pair grey pants with cloud grey shoes or vice versa. Another fantastic combination is anchor and coin.


Best Color Shoes with Grey Pants (Formal + Fun)

Best Color Shoes with Grey Pants (Formal + Fun)

Now that we have covered the straightforward colors, it is time to jump to something fun yet fashionable.

1. Red Shoes with Grey Pants

While this combination is more suited for women, men can have fun with it as well.

Red is a bold color that will instantly make your presence known in any room. Red and grey are classic colors that bring in a blend of sophistication and class. The pop of red color works well with the classic grey shade.

You can wear this combination in professional as well as casual settings. Red brings in the color to the room while grey tones it down to a normal level, almost working as well as Bonnie and Clyde.

You can also choose from the varying shades of red like scarlet, ruby red, burgundy, and marron, especially if it is light grey.

Work with lighter shades of red like tart and light coral if your pants are dark.


2. Purple Shoes with Grey Pants

 Invest in some purple shoes to wear with your grey pants to indulge in your fun and serious personality. The purple shoes will help you soar the sky, while the grey pants will keep you grounded. In a way, you get the best of both worlds.

This combination works best for men and women. You can try with different shades of purple like magenta, grape, French violet, indigo, eminence, etc.

Purple with neutral grey works well for weddings as well. They will make you look classy and elegant without toning down the color aspect of the outfit.


 3. Blue Shoes with Grey Pants

 Blue and grey work together without creating any major contrast. This is a safe choice, but with traces of the fun element.

Cool grey pants go best with cool blue shoes. Similarly, warm grey pants work with warm blue shoes.

You can also create a contrast by pairing up warm grey pants with cool blue shoes and vice versa.

If you want to wear your grey pants in a professional setting, we suggest going with darker shades of blue like indigo, navy, etc. Other shades of blue like turquoise, cyan, etc., work in casual settings.

4.Nude Shoes with Grey Pants

The combination of nude and grey works best for women, as compared to men. Nude shoes with grey pants will make you seem taller as well.

The best kind of shades is cream, tan, khaki, peach, etc.

Choose suede shoes instead of cloth or leather, especially if you are willing to wear them in a professional workplace.





Q. What color shirt and shoes go with grey pants?

When it comes to pairing your grey pants, you can select shirts and shoes in the color of white, black, blue, brown, etc. If you want to dive into your fun element, you can also try different colors like red, purple, etc.


Q. What color belt do you wear with grey pants?

It is best to go with a brown or black belt with grey pants. If you want a monochromatic look, you can try black, white, and grey belts as well.



While you might not get many options with grey pants, you can make the most of them with neutral colors. Choose the right color shoes to create a fashion statement at your office. Who knows, you might end up being a fashion icon at your office.


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