List of 10 Best Shoes For Narrow Feet 2022 (Reviewed and Tested by Experts)

Best shoes for narrow feet 

“Shoes are a reflection of one’s personality” – You must have heard it multiple times in your life & it is 100% true. Shoes define your fashion statement, style, taste, and fashion sense, but the most vital thing that many people overlook is foot health. A right-fitting shoe triggers better performance and thus should not be compromised in anyways, taking into account your foot health.

However, the shape, contour, and width of the feet vary from person to person and gender as well. Women’s feet are different from men’s feet & most running shoes are designed for medium to wide feet. But what if you have narrow feet? What if your feet slip or move around in the shoe? Well, it can be frustrating & sometimes it can lead to chafing and painful blister.

So for those people who crib of having narrow feet, here is a quick guide that will list down the top 10 best shoes for narrow feet to pick on for a great fit.


How do you know if you have Narrow or Wide feet?

Shoes are measured, taking into account the width and size, and if you get a pair of shoes that fit you conveniently, it does not necessarily mean that you are wearing the right pair of shoes. In case the width of the shoes is not right, it may not be ideal for your feet.

Shoes that are either wide or narrow for your tender feet can cause you to suffer foot-related problems, and thus it is always advised to don the right pair to save yourself from accruing blisters and similar other issues. Here is how you can measure the width of your feet.

  • Wear a pair of socks and stick two white-colored paper on the floor
  • Now place your feet on the paper and stand over it. Ask someone to trace your footprints by drawing rough lines of the complete edge of your feet. Make sure that the person draws clear lines covering the sides and the structure of your feet.
  • Now take a ruler or measuring tape and measure the widest portion visible of both the foot.
  • Pen down the measurement for both feet and subtract 1/8 from both numbers. The final number you get after the subtraction is the width of your feet.
  • Now, since you have the accurate width measurement of your feet, you can compare it with the width chart.


Top 10 Best Shoes for Narrow Feet 2022

Brooks women’s ghost 14

Brooks women ghost 13

If you’re looking for the best shoes for narrow feet, Brooks ghost 14 can turn out to be the best option. This shoe upper is made up of breathable mesh material, which offers your feet enough room for air circulation and keeps your feet sweat-free.

The weight of the shoes is approximately 10.1oz and has a heel drop of 12mm. It has a DNA loft foam that runs down the entire length of the midsole’s lateral side and allows smooth transitions and enables you to cover a 25 km distance with no lean bias. It also has an outsole that lasts for over 800 kilometers, and this shoe is a perfect combo of responsiveness plus softness.

Additionally, the rubber outsole offers your feet adequate traction to walk or run on any terrain. The shoe-toe box is highly spacious and allows enough room for your feet. It also encompasses an internal toe stiffener that supports the toe area.

It has deep grooves and thick rubber on its outsole that allows ample grip and triggers durability. These shoes are apt for every type of runner ranging from beginners to marathoners, with an ample amount of cushioning at their heel.


  • Neutral support provides perfect cushioning for high-energy runs
  • Doesn’t lose its durability and responsiveness even with a soft underfoot design
  • Stretch structure designed strategically for optimum fit for narrow feet


  • The shoes tend to hurt in the arch as well as the metatarsal region

Here is a comparison of the Brooks Ghost 14 and Ghost 13

FeatureBrooks Ghost 14Brooks Ghost 13
UpperMesh and syntheticMesh and synthetic
MidsoleBioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFTBioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT
OutsoleRubber with flex groovesRubber with flex grooves
Heel-to-toe drop12mm12mm
WeightApproximately 10.9 oz (men’s size 9)Approximately 10.9 oz (men’s size 9)


ASICS men’s gel Kayano 25 running shoes

ASICS men's gel Kayano 25 running shoes

The Kayano 25 makes use of the trademark I.G.S. or Impact Guidance Technology for even distribution of impact from the heel to the toe. Each component within the shoe is designed to redirect the pressure and spread it out evenly, even in the roughest of terrains.

Additionally, the DuoMax Dynamic Support design adds to the overall stability and arch support while bringing in factors such as reduced weight & optimum platform support that doesn’t cause any tumbling effect as you walk.

Availability of the direction Line Midsole Technology ensures that the Vertical flex groove removes the pressure buildup along the line of movement. As a result, it offers upgraded walk effectiveness. Add to that, the Guidance Trusstic technology that flaunts an integrated construct and provides structural integrity in the midfoot area.

It has a 10mm heel drop and weighs around 11.85oz with an exoskeletal heel counter that hugs the heels of the users. It encompasses no-sew underlay that allows smoothness along the entire length of the shoes. The shoe’s forefront has flyte-foam propel Cushing, which stands as the major reason behind its durability, lightweight, and flexibility.

The toe box is rounded, allowing more space for the toes to spread comfortably, and has aggressive traction. The upper is made using Jacquard mesh and is neither too loose nor too tight, offering an exceptional glove-like fit. The materials used for designing the upper allow breathability and do not cause any kind of irritation.

Ortholite X-40 Sock liner comes with premium sock liner highlights and higher bounce-back properties. So, you will get amazing dampness relief and an elevated level of breathability. Overall, these sleek design shoes come with an internal elastic sleeve that will be sitting around the foot, giving the impression of a sock. So, you can rest assured about getting energy and stability while you are running and wearing it. These shoes are lightweight with a forefront height of 12 mm which allows sleekness and breathability.


  • Consistent material construct relieves stress points or scraping issues
  • Scattered eyelets ensure even weight dissemination for a comfortable fit
  • Features versatile inward sleeve for a comfortable fit
  • Weave upper roused ensures dependability & vitality for long runs


  • The laces start getting ripped off too quickly

Here is a comparison of the ASICS Gel-Kayano 29 and Gel-Kayano 27 in a table format:

FeatureASICS Gel-Kayano 29ASICS Gel-Kayano 27
UpperMesh and syntheticMesh and synthetic
MidsoleFlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam LyteFlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam Lyte
OutsoleRubber with AHAR technologyRubber with AHAR technology
SupportOverpronation (stability)Overpronation (stability)
Heel-to-toe drop10mm10mm
WeightApproximately 11.6 oz (men’s size 9)Approximately 11.5 oz (men’s size 9)


ASICS Gel Contend women’s shoes

ASICS Gel Contend women's shoes

This shoe’s fabric is man-made, imported, and comes with a rubber sole. The gel-content running shoe comes with lightweight parts, durability, as well as superior traction to impart a high-end feeling of running or workout.

The internal heel counter allows a supportive fit and has a solid outsole made of rubber that marks its higher level of durability. The AMPLIFOAM midsole and rearfoot GEL allows extra cushioning to your feet and offers extra comfort in every step you take. It has a removable Ortholite sock liner that allows freshness and an athletic mesh upper with a rubber outsole that makes these shoes extra durable. The heel height is 21mm, with a forefoot height of 11 mm weighing around 8.12oz.

These neutral pronation shoes come with cushioning that offers a lightweight and flexible response. Besides, it also has a padded tongue and collar that together work for offering a breathable fabric lining. It has a breathable mesh, as well as a synthetic upper material. Overall, you will get excellent quality underfoot support, moisture management, as well as comfort.

These shoes are apt for low mileage runner who is looking for a pair of stylish shoe


  • The toe box is right in size
  • The width is perfect
  • You will be getting a high-quality arch support
  • High-quality integrated eyelets that do not rust easily
  • Strategically designed outsole grooves that allow a slip-free experience


  • Zero heel support might create an imbalance in high terrains
  • Higher price tag


New Balance Men’s 520 V7

New Balance Men's 520 V5

New Balance Men’s 520 V7 flaunts great looks. Along with the combination of amazing features and useful technology, these pairs of shoes are quite supportive and provide a versatile running probability.

These shoes are highly comfortable along with a durable rubber outsole. There is also the thick injection-molded midsole that works with the data-inspired cushioning. Besides, the stylish and classic branding with the cushioned running shoes gives the casual and athletic outfit-based look.

It has underfoot flex grooves and allows a soft feel owing to the new foam compound. These shoes come with a 10mm drop and have a stylish synthetic upper that allows breathability and abrasion resistance. It weighs around 9.8oz and provides all-day comfort.

What makes it quite amazing over the competitive models is the fact that there is a durable rubber outsole with an underfoot flex-grow that develops the whole area for offering advanced support. The shoes are ideal for anyone who wishes to go ahead with an intense workout as a part of a daily errand.


  • Spacious toe box to allow proper foot movement and comfort
  • Deeper shoe design that helps fit the foot with a higher bridge
  • The supportive outsole shoe gives plenty of relaxation


  • Traction isn’t perfect

Here is a comparison of the New Balance 520v7 and 520v6 in a table format:

FeatureNew Balance 520v7New Balance 520v6
UpperMesh and syntheticMesh and synthetic
MidsoleInjection-molded EVA foamInjection-molded EVA foam
OutsoleRubber with groovesRubber with grooves
Heel-to-toe drop10mm10mm
WeightApproximately 8.8 oz (men’s size 9)Approximately 8.7 oz (men’s size 9)

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe

From the entire collection of women’s casual sports shoes, performance as well as fashion shows, you will be getting the latest trending and comfortable technology-based shoes that come with the retro sneakers style. These shoes by Skechers are slip-resistant with safety toe areas to offer protection as well as comfort.

The innovative sketcher is quite adequately designed for everyday wear. These shoes are available in different colors and material options that can also work with the lace-up design. It works with athletic and active styles that are enhanced for driving comfort.

It has a 5 GEN midsole cushioning that is highly responsive and also triggers higher levels of energy with every step you take. The upper is made using mesh fabric and has a tapered midfoot design which offers that extra level of comfort and arch support.

These shoes have a featherweight sock liner that allows natural expansion and a comfortable fit while you walk. The height of the heel is zero inches and weighs around 5.25oz. The footbed is lined with bamboo that acts as a shield in preventing odor and bacterial spread and has heel and instep panels for naturalizing the expansion.

Besides, it is lightweight and has breathable knitted materials that also work in sync with the memory foam cushioning. The cool, cute, and colorful sneakers are versatile and comfortable for work as well as weekend travel time.


  • Its width is ideal for people with a high bridge or instep arch
  • The arch support is moderate but fine
  • It is machine-washable


  • With time, the sole starts degrading and proves to be no longer flexible
  • Relatively narrow toe box with compressing effect


Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

With Cole Haan Men’s sneakers, you get access to lightweight sports shoes that are better when compared to traditional cleats. It works on the principles of flexibility, cushioning as well as lightweight comfort. The shoe brings in 100% leather parts that are of the imported kind along with a combination of rubber outsole as well as a comfortable insole.

Besides, its textile-covered footbed shoes offer comfort and breathability. There are supportive zones in the heel that also has comfy cushions at the forefront for better traction. These shoes have a padded collar, plain toe, and lace-up closure, and are an awesome addition to your footwear collection. It weighs around 8.8 oz and uses minimalist tonal stitching with an EVA outsole that incorporates the Grand OS technology. It also has rubber pods in the forefoot and heels for traction purposes.

It works with the involvement of minimalist tonal stitching as well as a detailed tongue. Overall, you can rest assured that this is the shoe that offers good comfort when compared to some traditional shoes that are not effective in terms of their flexibility and ergonomics. It is well-engineered for addressing comfort and style. It suits the styling needs of everyday wear.


  • The toe box is perfectly shaped
  • The shoe runs true to size
  • The arc support is also moderately appealing
  • The soles are quite fashionable, so it is worth wearing it occasionally


  • The colors on the front side of the toes start fading away quite soon
  • The sole of the shoe starts peeling off after a few uses


ASICS Women’s Gel-Challenger 12

Best Shoes For Narrow Feet 

The best-imported rubber sole shoes with lightweight midsole compounds that are certified and adhere to the standards are what make an ASICS women’s Gel challenger 12 your ideal choice. Eva midsole also comes with enhanced flexibility and durability. With this shoe, you get access to high-quality forefoot and rearfoot gel technology with a cushioning effect. This tech helps attenuate the shock that seeps in during an impact or the toe-off phases.

In addition to shock absorption, the shoe allows movement in a range of planes as your foot transitions via the stride. You can also feel that the reduced weight of the sole unit retains the structural integrity of the shoes.

The ORTHOLITE sock liner, along with the moisture management system, ensures that it will be retaining the comfort to your feet over longer hours. The removable sock liner also helps in accommodating medical orthotic replacements.

It has a SOLYTE midsole that allows lightweight cushioning and offers durability and a bounce-back feature. The AHAR outsole offers extra durability and high abrasion. These shoes are best suited for recreational players who wish to have underlying support in their shoes to play those skilled and professional shots with ease.


  • The shoe’s width is ideal for narrow feet owners
  • Roomy toe box with ideal toe support
  • Comes with a PGUARD feature on the medical side for foot drag durability
  • Ideal heel support and shaft measurement


  • Isn’t ideal for high-intensity sporting activities
  • Tends to stretch after a few uses, and might not fit well
  • Sole is way too hard, might not be comfortable


Adidas Performance Women’s Triple Cheer Shoe

Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe

With the Adidas Performance Triple Cheer Women’s Shoe, you get access to a lightweight and breathable design that stands as an excellent competitor against the top-ranking options in the shoe industry.

The shoe brings in an excellently designed midfoot region that imparts superior comfort with top-notch cushioning. The Adidas triple cheer shoe is also a sports shoe that comes with a low profile cheerleading construction.

With the use of the midfoot flex grooves, you can get additional support with the pivot point that is in the outsole region. Overall, the good finishing of this design with breathable mesh and the synthetic leather upper region ensures the guaranteed foundation for a stunting and tumbling-free experience. The mesh upper and the synthetic leather construction’s availability with an approximate weight of 7.5 Oz proves that the shoe will be great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Plus, the shoe shaft measures around 6 to 12 inches right from the arch area. The platform also has a good approximate measurement lying between 0 and 3 inches. The boot opening measures around 0 and 3 inches which makes it excellent for daily wear.


  • Adiprene added to the forefront of imparts efficiency and stable propulsion
  • Optimum lace length for zero tumbling issues
  • The finger grip design ensures zero irritation on the run


  • Toebox might be very tight


Clarks Women’s Juliet Lora Loafer

Clarks Women's Juliet Lora Loafer

The Clarks Women’s Juliet Lora Loafer shoes bring in effortless cleats that stand fit for every occasion. You can get slipper-like comfort with the construction of premium leather. Besides, the low-heeled shoe comes with a synthetic lining as well as a removable footbed that complements the cushioning technology.

Overall, the flexible rubber outsoles of the shoes make them fit for every season. Besides, you can rest assured that it is quite good in terms of a comfortable fit. The shoes are specifically designed for workouts or weekend tours. The 100% leather shoes that are imported have a good quality rubber soles.

Besides, the heel height is around 1.02 inches with the footbed and the full-grain leather. Overall, you can get high-quality shoes that work with hornbeam and advanced construction techniques. It also takes into consideration technologies and contemporary materials that offer tailor-made designs for the modern world.

One can feel the groundbreaking technology craftsmanship when you have these high-quality shoes. Overall, it’s just perfect for your next trip due to the flip flop shape that it holds.


  • Packs in an ortholite footbed for a pain-free walking experience
  • The width is perfect for any feet shape
  • Excellent arch support
  • Makes use of full-grain leather that doesn’t get scratched easily


  • A slip-on design might not offer a snug fit


Keds Women’s Champion Leather Sneaker

Best Shoes For Narrow Feet 

This Classic and good looking shoes by Kedsworks as a beloved Champions cleats that are sleek, sophisticated, & possess a tumbled leather design. Overall, the shoes come with a lining of the soft Canvas that offers breathability and added insole for the cushioned steps. The leather made imported shoes with rubber sole works with a good shaft that measures approximately low-top right from the arc.

Overall, the lace-up sneaker comes with a soft, breathable lining and a flexible rubber outsole. It is the perfect style icon for the athletic lifestyle of loving people. Even Olympics Soccer players love these shoes that are perfect in terms of their classic touch style and authentic characteristics.

The material is highly textured to help deter any abrasions that might happen on the run. Besides, the woven fabric ensures that it will be keeping your foot comfortable without any harshness. The Incredible cushions, breathable lining as well as a flexible sole together gives it the ideal touch for keeping you comfortable all day. Besides, they also match the clinical standards to make them outstanding


  • Cushioned insole spreads out the pressure for a pain-free run
  • Finely integrated material that helps deter sweat issues
  • Washing it is quite easy, so it requires less maintenance
  • Water-resistant leather upper deters water in rainy seasons
  • Perfect size with a lightweight design


  • Insole cushioning tends to decline and goes to flat after repeated use


How to Choose the Best Shoe for Your Narrow Feet?

Getting a pair of comfortable shoes that fit you well can be a bit tricky task, especially if you have narrow feet. So, here are a few things that you should look for while getting the best shoes for narrow feet.



Your comfort is the first thing that should hit your mind when you head out to buy shoes for narrow feet. Buy a pair of shoes that do not pinch, irritate, or rub against your feet to cause you pain and discomfort. Getting the right measurement by seeking assistance from a professional can be a smart step to getting a pair that fits you comfortably.



It is a fact that women’s feet are narrower than men’s feet. Hence, if you’re planning to buy a pair of shoes that are technically unisex, you can’t afford to ignore this factor. The same shoes may have a different fit and feel for men and women.



Waterproof shoes can be your best bet to place on if you are out to fetch shoes for narrow feet. Waterproofing ability saves your shoes from being spoiled and can also save you from the danger of accruing fungal infection or similar problems.



The shoes that you are planning to purchase should have a comfortable heel length without causing you much discomfort. Also, you should wear shoes and take a walk to verify if there are any slippage issues.


Ankle collar and upper

The upper of the shoes should match the shape of your feet and should bestow a smooth touch at all areas where the uppers touch your feet and should not tend to bind or chaff. Also, look for ankle collars that do not trigger irritation in the Achilles tendon.


Cushioning and support

The elasticity and height of an individual’s foot arch help determine which shoes are the best for you. Individuals with a higher arch need extra cushioning to absorb the shock. On the contrary, people with low and flat arches find their arches collapsing, causing misalignment of gait and requiring shoes that can help correct such an issue.


Comparison of regular and narrow shoes in the US, EU, and UK

US Shoe SizeMen’s NarrowWomen’s NarrowEuropean Shoe SizeUK Shoe Size

Please note that this table is just a general guideline and that shoe sizes can vary depending on the brand and style of the shoe. It is always best to try on shoes to ensure the best fit.



Finding the right sneaker that will be fit for your feet isn’t that easy. It takes an ample amount of time to analyze how ideal it will be for you. To make your task easier, we have listed the most ranked cleats that are quite overwhelmingly stupefying.

Besides, we have also considered the quality of the shoes and the other specifications that make sure they will be unique in terms of their functionality and aesthetics. None of them is quite expensive. They prove to be everyday wear without giving you any more distractions.

After spending countless hours of testing the variety of sneakers that are trending in the market, we have listed the names. So, you will get the combination of both fashion and function when you have these all-time classics with you. In case you have brought home any of these beauties, comment below and let us know how it worked out for you.

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