List of 10 Best Shoes for Foot Drop 2022 has been reviewed and tested by experts

Best Shoes for Foot Drop

Does your toe scrape the ground as you walk? If yes, then this could be due to the foot drop issue. In case you struggle in finding the right shoes for your foot that are supportive and comfortable, we can help you get it done the best way.

Now, finding a suitable shoe, especially for someone who wears an AFO, could be a major challenge. A perfect shoe for foot drop needs to be supportive and flexible while minimizing the pain. Keep in mind that foot drop isn’t a disease, rather a sign of a neurological condition or underlying muscular problem.

So, let us get going in the process of getting you the best shoes for foot drop.


10 Best Shoes for Foot Drop 2022

1. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker:

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Created from 100% leather, these shoes from Brooks is an ideal choice for your daily wear needs when suffering from foot drop problem. The synthetic-design sole ensures that you get a proper grip when walking on the road regardless of how slippery they are.

In case you plan on making a purchase, this shoe is available in sizes 7.5 to 15 with extra-wide coverage and four different colours. In order to offer maximum support during your daily runs, the shoe offers an extended and progressive variant of a diagonal rollbar that supports your foot arch strategically to help keep your body working on its natural pathway.

Further, the Addiction Walker offers you a secure fit with a slip-resistant design that comes with a forefoot based on an MC pod construct. The innovative outsole added to the shoe helps set the foot shape in an efficiently balanced manner with a stable positioning system.

In order to ensure that your feet don’t tire out from all those intensive walking sessions, the shoe flaunts a soft cushioning with BioMoGo DNA that adapts with your walking stride, speed, as well as weight. It helps make each step you take comfortable and bouncy, like walking on clouds.


  • Features full-grain upper made of leather
  • Wide toe-box for roomy feet
  • Features a slip-resistant and sturdy outsole
  • Even weight distribution throughout the shoe
  • Easy tie-up design


  • Midsole could have been better in terms of cushioning
  • Might make squeaky noise when walking


2. New Balance Women’s 813 V1:

New Balance Women’s 813 V1

The New Balance 813 V1 is created from high-quality rubber sole that ensures that it doesn’t break down from any abrasion or use on rough roads. Further, the grip added to this shoe makes it ideal for any dingy, dusty, or slippery road.

The durable leather upper ensures that water doesn’t seep into the shoe while providing ample breathability in the long run. You do not have to worry about sweating as the mesh plus leather upper combination adds to the comfort and airiness.

You get to stay steady on the ground while these walking shoes come with amazing Rollbar stability. It helps control the movements in the rear-foot to provide enhanced support with each step you take through the walkway. The foot-friendly design helps you step-out and provides you with ample comfort. The cushioned shoes are designed to help you keep moving even with a foot drop problem.

This adult shoe for women features a strike path walking technology that helps stabilize & guide your foot via the natural cycle of walking gait. Designed for long-lasting comfort, this shoe also imparts sturdiness and durability without compromising on the comfort factor. This stylish walking shoe features a supple-designed leather upper that doesn’t wear you out in long runs.


  • Designed to withstand daily wear-&-tear
  • Heavily cushioned comfort for walking
  • Lightweight midsole to ensure it doesn’t weigh down your foot
  • Soft & comfortable collar to ensure supportive cushioning
  • Designed for people with an active lifestyle


  • Might run a tad small, get a size bigger for a better fit
  • Hook and loop might get detached after a few uses


3. Orthofeet Strap Shoes Lincoln Center:

Orthofeet Strap Shoes Lincoln Center

Created from high-quality leather upper, the Ortho feet Lincoln Center keeps it classy with its rubber sole that doesn’t deteriorate too fast. Most shoes do not feature proper heel height that leads to an uneven distribution of weight.

However, this isn’t an issue with the Ortho feet. The heel added to the shoe measures approximately 0.25 inches, which isn’t too high or too low and ensures an even weight distribution. With a promise of guaranteed comfort, this shoe is regarded by its users for being the most stylish and comfortable orthopedic shoes.

If you are someone who suffers from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, or neuropathy, these ortho feet orthotic strap shoes bring in the best solution to help reduce your pain even in long-distance runs or walks. The shoe features a lightweight sole along with an ergonomic design & superior cushioning to help distribute the pressure evenly throughout the feet.

The shoe also packs in premium-quality orthotic insoles that help create anatomical support for your arch area. With the Ortho feet, you also get access to multiple layers of cushioning to ensure soft support, just like a pillow. The shoe helps ease the heel and foot pain going all the way to your Hips, Knees, as well as Lower Back area.


  • Helps deal with the pain associated with overpronation, flat feet, or arthritis
  • Extended width for a comfortable walk
  • Casual shoe design with non-binding and soft uppers
  • Help take off the stress from your joints
  • Enhances the stability factor


  • Wet traction is very low and could cause slipping issues
  • Tad narrow, go a size bigger for a comfortable fit


4. Orthofeet Shoes Chelsea:

Orthofeet Shoes Chelsea

If you are looking for easy-to-use slip-on design shoes for foot drop issues, the Orthofeet Shoes Chelsea is just what you need daily. The upper leather design ensures that it is breathable throughout the journey and water-resistant as well.

Additionally, the shoe features a heel that measures approximately 0.25 inches to ensure that there is ample arch support throughout your walk. Available in three beautiful colours, this shoe can be bought in sizes ranging from 5 to 12 with extra-wide coverage.

With a guaranteed comfort factor, one can test out the shoes for 60 days and return if the shoe isn’t comfortable enough. This stylish orthopedic shoe design helps you walk comfortably & pain-free. With an extended width design, this casual shoe is soft and of the non-binding kind in terms of upper.

The shoe is a perfect and unique fit with a therapeutic design that aids in the alleviation of stress that could worsen your pain. The soft uppers paired with a smooth lining on the interior ensure that you get access to superior comfort & ample protection for sensitive feet.


  • Features extra foam-based padding for a comfortable walk
  • Wide and roomy toe area for pain-free fit
  • Non-binding design that is easy to wear
  • Orthotic-friendly design that helps tend to swollen feet
  • Removable insoles with extra-depth in terms of design


  • Comes with a weird rubbery smell
  • Runs smaller than normal, go a size higher


5. Hush Puppies Men’s Cottonwood Penny:

Hush Puppies Men’s Cottonwood Penny

If you do not wish to go all heavy and formal in terms of shoes that will address your foot drop issue, you can try out the Hush Puppies Men’s Cottonwood Penny shoes. This high-quality shoe is designed to work as a perfect-fitting loafer/slipper that doesn’t deteriorate way too soon.

The leather upper ensures that it doesn’t get wet in a light drizzle as you enjoy the rainy months without having to worry about a sloppy feel. Apart from this, the synthetic sole design ensures a sturdy grip even in slippery terrains. The shoe has grooves and ridges that help with optimum traction as you tread through your favourite pathway.

This shoe/slipper-design, inspired by the pinched penny-loafer moccasin toe pattern as well as a luxurious lining made of faux-fur. If you are looking for comfort, this shoe packs in an insole made of latex that contorts to the shape of your feet.

The sole in the shoe is designed for both outdoor as well as indoor use. The Cottonwood Penny combines an advanced form of comfort technology while fitting perfectly with each and every curve of your feet. When purchasing this shoe, do not worry about the tight fit as the material tends to stretch after a few uses.


  • Light in weight and doesn’t weigh down the feet
  • Ideal to be worn all day long
  • Easy-to-slip in design that doesn’t take up a lot of time
  • Airy enough to help avoid any sweating issues
  • Roomy toe-area for wiggle room


  • Isn’t as cushioned as its competitors
  • The hard bottom that might get etched after a few uses


6. Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear:

Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear

In case you are looking for a stylish and box-like footwear design for a foot drop problem, the Z-Coil pain relief footwear is perfect for you. The upper leather design in the shoe comes with air holes on the upper toe area as well as sides to ensure that you do not have to worry about soggy and sweaty walks.

The tie-up design is perfect for a good workday with a lightly padded arch to help you achieve road length. The flat-foot heel design ensures that the weight is distributed throughout the shoe without accumulating in the centre or the front portion.

The rubber sole is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t wear out way too easily, while the patented coil added to the heel area helps reduce any impact on your feet by a whopping 50%. The shoe ensures that you experience reduced leg, foot, & back pain.

Further, the shoe features a built-in and rigid-designed orthotic insole that helps protect as well as support the foot while eliminating any scope of plantar fasciitis, foot pain, or even heel spurs. The shoe also brings in extra cushioning that is added to the front portion while eliminating any possibility of foot drop pain.


  • Helps protect the foot toe and ball area of the shoe
  • Wide toe area to help you wiggle around with comfort
  • Flex line in the forefoot
  • Rocker bottom helps create a naturally-aligned walking motion
  • Helps relieve the pressure and pain on the joint


  • Half sizes are unavailable; order a size up
  • Lifted tow area to ensure foot drop pain comes down


7. Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes Celina:

Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes Celina

Another amazing option by Ortho feet, this shoe for women is designed to ensure proven relief from foot or heel pain. The upper leather design is simple yet stylish to help you walk that walk with stylish and vogue. Further, the design is breathable enough while protecting the feet in harsh weather conditions.

The shoe helps provide a guaranteed comfort while being regarded by the millions of users that have ranked it as the most comfortable & stylish shoes for orthopedic use. Available in two different colour types, the shoe is perfect for people with feet size ranging from 5 to 12 while ensuring extra-wide coverage.

Whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, foot pain, heel pain, or neuropathy, this shoe is ideal as the best ortho solution for regular wear and foot pain caused due to a foot drop. The lightweight sole comes with an ergonomic design as well as superior cushioning.

The premium-quality orthotic insoles also feature anatomical support in the arch area. Further, the shoe packs in multiple layers of cushioning that make you feel like you are walking on air without making you feel like you are worn down.


  • Perfect for arthritis, overpronation, or flat feet issue
  • Unique and therapeutic design for stress alleviation
  • Enhances stability while improves walking stance
  • Extra-soft foam padding with smooth lining on the interior
  • Helps ease pressure on the bunions


  • Arch padding could be softer and better
  • Doesn’t have proper scope for shock absorption


8. Hush Puppies Women’s Heaven Loafer:

Hush Puppies Women’s Heaven Loafer, Best Shoes for Foot Drop 2022

Created from 100% leather design, the Hush Puppies Women’s Heaven Loafer helps get rid of any potential pain that might arise for people suffering from foot drop issues. The imported material helps ensure durability without compromising on the sturdiness of the design.

The synthetic sole helps you walk with traction without actually slipping or feeling way too bouncy. With the foot drop issue, one needs to have the perfect combination of sturdiness and comfort. The grooves added to the shoe sole helps you ensure perfect traction even in the roughest of roads.

The shoe shaft measures an approximate height from the arch to ensure that you do not fall. Moreover, the shoe isn’t too flat to ensure an even distribution of weight throughout the feet to avoid overpronation.

The heel measures approximately one inch from the base going all the way to your ankle. This low-dress design loafer flaunts a double-stitched foot apron toe helps you keep up to the flex requirements. Available in three beautiful colours, the shoe can be availed in sizes ranging from 5 going all the way to 12 with an extra-wide coverage.


  • Flexible foot design and designed for people suffering from bunion
  • Lightweight design that doesn’t weigh down your feet
  • Fashionable pair that fits well with any outfit
  • Heels do not wear down for a long time
  • Doesn’t slip even on tiles gushing with water


  • The toe box isn’t roomy enough, might cause nicks and burns
  • Order a size up for better fit


9. Avia Men’s Avi-Verge Sneaker:

Avia Men’s Avi-Verge Sneaker

Created from 100% synthetic material, the Avia Men’s Avi-Verge Sneaker is an ideal choice for your daily wear needs. The holes added to the sides and upper front of the shoe ensure that you get access to ample breathability and do not feel way too stuffed with its enclosed design.

The lightweight rubber sole is built to last for a long time regardless of the pathway you walk on. The tie-up design is perfectly designed to ensure that you do not feel that your shoes might come off any instance. Additionally, the shaft measures an approximate height from the low-top going to the arch area.

The durable and lightweight synthetic leather ensures that it doesn’t break down even under extreme pressure-like conditions. Further, the shoe features a durable memory foam-based sock liner that helps absorb the pressure from different parts of the feet and divulge it all through the shoe to ensure better shock absorption.

Apart from a great and comfortable insole, the shoe also features an amazing midsole that is created from high-quality EVA foam that adds to the fluffy feel. Further, the shoe is available in three different colours and sizes, ranging from 7 going all the way to 13 with wide foot coverage.


  • Tongue collar is comfortable enough
  • Perfect heel height for even weight distribution
  • Proper curves and grooves in the outsole for proper traction
  • Double stitch design for durability
  • Evenly distributed air holes to ensure proper breathability


  • Memory-foam sole could be a tad thin
  • Arch support could be a tad softer


10. ECCO-Criss Cross Foot Drop Sandal:

Best Shoes for Foot Drop

Now, in our list of shoes for foot drop issue, this one is a tad unique given the fact that it isn’t a shoe or sneaker, rather a gladiator. The ECCO Women’s Damara sandal is made from high-quality leather that isn’t like your generic shoe that might constrict the breathability factor.

The imported material added to the upper of the sandal ensures that it doesn’t wear down way too soon. The synthetic sole design features a square groove design that helps you set foot with ease without fearing any slipping issues.

This relaxed, casual sandal features a super soft leather upper to ensure an enhanced feel and touch throughout your walk. Further, the sandal feels like a 2nd skin on your feet with its high-quality leather lining to bring in a premium and air-like feel.

The EVA footbed is based on a micro-fibre design that ensures a cool & soft environment for the feet. Additionally, the PU outsole is directly injected into the shoe to ensure that it is completely light in weight while ensuring that it is just as flexible regardless of the surface you walk on.

The criss-cross upper vamp styling ensures an optimal fit with Velcro closure that is easy to wear and remove as and when needed.


  • Features a comfortable fiber system for effective odor control
  • Polyurethane soles that last a long time
  • ECCO leather that perfectly matches the function and form
  • Anatomically correct outsole and midsole for optimum comfort
  • TPU or Nylon shank allows breezy to wear


  • Front strap isn’t adjustable, might dig into the feet
  • Comes with a long break-in time


How to choose shoes for foot drop?

If you have been dealing with this abnormal foot issue for a long time, it shouldn’t be ignored, and you need to do everything possible to correct the problem. It often occurs due to weakness, irritation, or probable damage to your sciatic nerve. Alternatively, another reason for foot drop could be the paralysis of muscles, especially when the problem is on the foot’s anterior part.

With a good shoe, you can help alleviate any pain that might occur due to foot drop. Here are some ways to choose the correct shoe for the foot drop problem.


1-Ample Space:

When suffering from the foot drop issue, your physician will recommend that you make use of the Ankle-Foot-Orthosis or AFO device such as an elevated brace for foot drop. So, ensure that you choose a pair that accommodates your feet without being too tight.

In general, the best shoe for the foot drop problem must come with enough toe space as well as extra depth. Additionally, it should come with removable insoles that can be used in conjunction with prescribed orthotics.



A shoe designed for the foot drop problem should successfully support the arch type. Additionally, it should support the fascia ligament to alleviate the pain & plantar fasciitis issue. The shoe should also be of help in proper alignment of the foot when it touches the floor. Its midsole should also bring in enough cushioning to aid you on rough terrains.


3-Comfort and Breathability:

Regardless of whether you suffer from a foot drop problem or not, you need to select a shoe pair that is comfortable and breathable. The uppers should be dry and cool to ensure that you do not have to deal with sweating issues.

The moment you wear it, there should be a feeling of comfort. There should be a minimal break-in period with the shoe. A comfortable shoe should be snug enough and shouldn’t come off your feet even if you run around wearing them all day long. The shoe needs to belong and wide enough to be your best fit.



Your shoes should have soles offering better stability as well as marvellous shock-absorption feature. It will help deal with the pain points that emerge with the foot drop problem. The shoe should offer amazing stability at all the pressure points. It should also relieve the pressure on the feet along with the knees and legs.

The shoe should also be able to grip the heel in a good way while you walk or run along a pathway. A shoe with motion-control tech is ideal for your daily wear needs.



Don’t ever forget to look through your shoe soles. Ensure that they are sturdy enough & keeps you protected against any form of harmful items that lay on the ground. It should also bring in a proper grip so that you do not slip on the pathway.



Now that we have summed up the best options available for your foot drop issue in the market, we hope that you will make the best decision for your problem. In case you were wondering which the best option from this lot is, you can try out the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker that comes with an innovative outsole design that helps ensure efficient balance and stable positioning.

So, we hope yours will be the best buy and helps you tackle any pain issues that stem from a foot drop problem.

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