Here are the best BMX shoes for 2022 (tested & reviewed by riders)

Best BMX Shoes

It is important to use the right gear when riding your BMX bike to ensure that your ride is smooth and comfortable. The best way to accomplish this is to choose a pair of the best BMX shoes at the dispense.

However, choosing the best BMX shoes can be a task, hence to help you decide which BMX shoes you should buy,

We obtained opinions from some of the most expert BMX bike riders, read hundreds of reviews, and tested 25 different shoes from 9 brands, before bringing you first-hand and exclusive reviews of the best BMX bike shoes available today based on comfort, cushioning, material, grip, and other features.

What to consider when choosing the right BMX shoes


The sole of the shoe, especially the outsole is extremely important in order to acquire a superior grip on the bike pedal in BMX bikes as this is the part of the shoe that would be coming in contact with the pedals.

Talking about the grip of the outsole, the kind of treading on the outsole also matters. The deeper the treads, the better is the grip on the pedals and the lesser are the chances of slipping off while riding fast.

BMX biking also involves a lot of tricks and has various techniques and processes that require shoes and gear which provides support as well as protection to the legs while riding.

Therefore, the midsole and the insole have to be of extremely protective quality and thick in order to provide good shock absorbance against high impact activities. Especially, while performing risky tricks, there are high chances of injuries or impact to the feet and BMX shoes provide protection against such chances of mishaps.


Material & Comfort

While choosing the best BMX shoe, the material of the shoe is very important as it determines the breathability, comfort, ease of cleaning, and overall durability of the shoe as well. While most shoes are made of composite materials, they may not be as comfortable as their natural counterparts but are great value for money in terms of their flexibility and durability.

Make sure that whatever material you choose, the BMX shoe has to be lightweight to feel like your second skin and make it easy to move and pedal faster for riding. The material holds importance in two main parts of the BMX shoe, the upper part, and the main sole.

Usually, these shoes have an upper part made of Canvas material for lightweight support and ease of breaking into the shoe. However, certain shoes may also be made of leather and composite materials depending upon the type of support they are intended to provide and the comfort.

Canvas and leather materials are also known to be durable but only when you invest in a quality set of BMX shoes. Read our reviews to check out the most durable and top-notch picks of all that are long-lasting and of premium quality.



This is one of the several factors that are not known by many BMX bike riders when choosing the type of shoe. Ideally, BMX shoes are available in 3 types:


Low Tops:

These look just like ordinary sneakers and the height is almost below the ankle of your feet. These are the most commonly found pair of BMX shoes of all.


Mid Tops:

Mid Tops are slightly longer and reach the ankle that protects your leg from twisting and provide greater protection but may restrict the movement of your feet at times.


High Tops:

High Tops, as the name suggests, provide the most amount of protection to your feet, as they reach almost above the ankle but may be heavier and more restrictive in terms of movement.

Based on your cycling and riding requirements and your expertise levels based on the tricks or processes you perform, you may want to choose an appropriate type carefully.



BMX biking involves activities with varied intensities and frequencies. In such cases, the shoes that you purchase should provide superior traction on the most uneven surfaces, and should help you get a good grip on the pedal.



While riding a BMX bike, you need to be more concerned about the pedaling and not about the weight of the shoe. Therefore, if you want to ride your bike efficiently without carrying the load in your legs, look for a material or design that is light in weight.

The weight of the shoe can also increase due to the amount of foam padding and cushioning within the shoe. Sure, these shoes need to be comfortable, but not too much that it becomes almost impossible to move your legs while pedaling. This can cause unnecessary pressure in your shin and ankle area and you do not want to aggravate the pain while cycling.


A list of the best BMX shoes for 2022 can be found here (Tested & Reviewed by riders)

Vans Old Skool Pro

Vans Old Skool Pro

Classic and edgy looks with top-notch performance, these shoes are the way to go and most people’s favorite as it belongs to the family of VANS. It is claimed to be very comfortable and these low-top sneakers promise some good movement and breathability to your feet. It has a very snug fitting to your legs which keeps them firm and intact while pedaling and reduces distraction.

These are also known to be more durable than the Vans Old Skool version and are also suitable for multipurpose use. They have a very grippy outsole that adds to the comfort and the excellent feeling while riding altogether. It is also known to provide lots of arch and heel support due to the cushioning around the collars. The size can be tightened or loosened with the traditional lacing system and it comes with 8 metal eyelets and flat laces.

The low top construction allows free movement of your ankles and legs while the soles are quite fuller and cushiony which adds to the comfort and support aspect of the shoes. For activities that require free movements and have lots of twists and turns, these shoes are perfect for a BMX Biker.

They also weigh lighter than most other BMX Bike shoes. With an Old Skool Silhouette Design and Ultra cushioned sock liners, these sneakers are style and comfort combined. They also comprise DURACAP toe underlays for durability and support around the toe region and reducing high activity impact. These are much better in terms of comfort than the Vans Old Skool version which also makes it our best choice on the list.


  • The wide structure makes it good for people with wide feet
  • Flat laces to avoid entangling and distraction while riding
  • Breathable fabric
  • DURACAP toe underlays for added support and durability


  • Check for the quality before purchasing due to fake shoes being delivered


Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool

Low profile and perfect sneakers-like shoes, the Vans Old Skool shoes have always been a common choice amongst skaters and bike riders. It has a super grippy rubber outsole that makes it perfect for grabbing a grip over pedals and riding smoothly with some extensive tricks.

The upper fabric is made of canvas and suede leather and the toe cap is quite large which makes it perfect for people with wide feet as well. The tongue of these shoes is quite thin and the collars are padded to provide added protection to your feet and the ankle. These classic Vans shoes have several double-stitched accents that not only add to the design but also the durability of the shoe. You can pair them up with some casual outfits as well as a pair of jeans.

They blend in perfectly with any clothes. They have a very stiff and rigid design and are available in several design and size variants as well. These shoes generally possess a very vintage style appearance and are quite great for the price.

The low-top design adds to the movement of your feet and makes it easy for you to slip in the shoes each time. It has a very comfortable insole that reduces the pressure on your feet. Combine some immense style at a decent price with the Classic Vans Old Skool shoes.


  • Classic and stylish VANS design
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Padded collar for enhanced comfort
  • Suitable for people with wide feet


  • Check for the quality before purchasing due to fake shoes being delivered


DC Men’s Pure Shoes

DC Men's Pure Shoes

Low top and large profile, these shoes sure add to the fun and comfort, be it for skating or BMX Bike riding. It has a very stiff design and a half-cup style sole to provide just the right amount of protection from high-impact activities as well as make them shock-absorbing. These shoes promise to provide ample amounts of protection and always stand true to size.

The top layer has a mesh fabric, especially around the laces and there are leather panels at the sides, around the heels, and the toe region that adds to the durability and the quality of the shoes. The shoes have triple-reinforced style stitching and a lot of overlays to provide protection for your foot, especially during those heavily impacted activities and the material also provides some resistance from abrasion which makes it last longer.

The cushioning at the tongue and the heel region is extremely thick which makes it comfortable and the thickening is also at the collars making it extremely supportive for your feet and the ankle. The back portion of the shoe may feel slightly stiff to you as compared to the other types of shoes. There are several ventilation points on the toe region of the shoe that won’t make you feel cramped upon wearing them.

There are around 6 metal eyelets and woven-style laces. The midsole has a mesh EVA footbed that gives a very snug fitting around your foot. All in all, DC stands true to its quality and these low-top shoes make the perfect pair for biking or trailing activities.


  • The half-cup sole style for shock absorbance
  • Highly padded inners for added comfort
  • The shoe has several ventilation points
  • Reinforced stitching for durability


  • Not meant for people with wide feet


Etnies Men’s Marana Mid Crank

Etnies Men's Marana Mid Crank

These mid-top shoes from Etnies range are best for mountain biking, BMX riding, and the highest impact activities around town. The upper fabric is made of durable suede leather with a breathable mesh layer to keep your feet feeling comfortable as well as keep the shoes lasting longer.

The shoes have a variable and very unique design with an asymmetrical collar pattern in order to support your ankle while also allowing flexibility and movement. The ankle stays supported with the mid-top design. The toe cap is rubber injected for added durability. It has 3M&trade, Scotchguard&trade, and Thinsulate&trade for providing superior shock absorbance and added protection for long biking and hiking as well as trail trips.

The insole of these shoes is made of Pro Foam for added cushioned comfort and also to prevent a high impact on your legs and toes. The STI evolution foam outsole is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to ride with for longer trips. The stiff shank construction makes sure you get that perfect grip on the pedal while riding.

The outsole also offers Michelin performance that provides a superior quality grip as well as makes the shoes extremely durable. The shoes also have a separate tongue pouch to tuck the laces within so that they don’t bother you while riding. The treaded design below the rubber outsole also adds to the grip of the shoe. These are perfectly designed for your long biking adventures and provide a comfortable grip as well as years of use.


  • Leather and mesh combined upper fabric for added breathability and durability
  • Mid-top design for superior ankle support
  • Intricately designed for zero interference while riding
  • Lightweight design


  • Not as durable as claimed by manufacturers
  • Not true to size


Etnies Men’s Metal Mulisha Swivel

Etnies Men's Metal Mulisha Swivel

For all those who believe in riding with style, the Etnies Men’s Metal Mulisha Swivel is a pair of shoes that makes them stand apart from the rest of your BMX gang. These awesome pairs of shoes look very stylish with its cool set of contrasting colors and the leather and synthetic fiber on the top layer that adds to the durability of the shoe.

It has a very thick midsole that provides you with plenty of protection from high-impact activities and keeps your leg intact. These shoes also have an immense amount of padding around the collar and the tongue for a superior level of comfort and for long-lasting support with the shoe.

The rubber outsole also has a nice tread pattern that adds to the grip of the pedals and makes your riding smoother. The rubber outsole is also quite flexible that allows you to perform tricks and performances with your BMX bike with ease. It also has a classy-looking arrow logo that is the traditional Etnies trademark symbolizing speed and performance.

These shoes are available in an amazing range of stylish colors with some classy arrow-like patterns to add to the looks of the shoe. With a range of sizes, designs, and contrasting colors along with immense padding, comfort, and other such features, these shoes are your perfect companions for riding and skating, as well as daily use and self-styling.


  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Available in contrasting and appealing colors and patterns
  • Deep treaded outsole pattern for pedal grip
  • Leather and synthetic fiber for added durability


  • Not very comfortable for long-term use
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet


DC Court Grafik

DC Court Graffik

The DC Court Graffik Shoes work for the most basic of skaters and BMX cycles with their simple and elegant design and comfortable features that make riding fun. These shoes are available in a range of sizes and colors and come with the trademark DC logo that stands apart and adds to the style altogether.

The outer material is made of high-quality leather that can withstand the roughest of wear and tear. It has an outsole made of rubber that adds to the flexion of the shoe while the ventilated surface makes sure the shoes are breathable and comfortable. The cup sole makes sure that the shoes are not only trendy and stylish but also provide you a snug-fitting.

The pillow of cushioned panels in the sole protects your feet from a strong impact and gives a superior level of shock absorbance. It also has a pattern-like tread design underneath the rubber sole that ensures a firm grip on the pedal of your BMX cycle and allows you to perform tricks with the utmost ease.

The shoelaces are attached right from the vamp so there is no scope of them entangling with the wheels of your bike. These kicks also are suitable for daily wear as sneakers. The lightweight mesh design adds to the breathability of the shoe while the padded tongue adds to the comfort.

The shoes in general possess a low top design and the height of the shaft is around 3 inches from the arch which allows maximum movement and flexibility to your feet. These shoes by DC are a perfect combination of style and comfort in the truest sense.


  • A lightweight mesh that adds to the comfort and breathability of the shoe
  • Deep treaded design for secure grip on pedals
  • Cup sole construction for better support and shock absorbance
  • High-quality signature DC leather for durability


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet, the design is too narrow
  • Not true to size at times


DC Men’s Anvil Xe

Best BMX Shoes

Change the way you wear your BMX shoes with style with the DC Men’s Anvil XE Skate shoes that provide a superior grip and shine with style while you ride or perform. These low-cut skate shoes have a uniform length and width that fit perfectly and stand true to size. These are found to be very firm and comparatively stiffer than the average vulcanized style soles.

The fabric is a combination of suede and canvas lowers and has an immense amount of cushioning on the insides that adds to the comfort while riding. Additionally, the canvas layer is present on the sides as well as the back portion of the shoe at the collars. There is an additional supplemental printing on the collar as well as the tongue that adds to the style along with an additional DC label to the shoe.

Most of the other parts of the shoe are made of slightly tough suede fabric. The fabric also provides some optimum ventilation to your legs for all-day comfort with the shoes on. The upper collar also has a medium amount of padding on the shoes that let you slip inside them quite comfortably. The medium padding does not make the shoes very bulky and makes them quite light in weight providing extreme comfort while riding.

The width around the heel part is quite large which makes sure it fits in your shoes well. The eyelets are made of metal with some amazing lace loop styles that you can try with the shoe. It has waxed-style squared-up laces. DC offers a very detailed range of styling on its shoes.

The outer rubber sole is very helpful for providing a superior grip on the pedals while riding and has a deep treaded design for improved grip over surfaces while walking or riding. It also has a dual-density footbed with a classic EVA midsole for added shock absorbance and comfort. The vulcanized construction provides amazing flexion on the sole. These flatbed shoes are quite appropriately designed for ultimate comfort and performance while riding.


  • Breathable fabric for all-day use
  • Can be used for high-impact as well as daily activity
  • Upper textile fabric that is flexible and durable
  • Vulcanized rubber for sole flexibility


  • Not very comfortable as claimed by certain users
  • The bottom outsole is not very durable


Five Ten Adidas Men’s Sleuth

Five Ten Adidas Men's Sleuth

If you are looking for a stylish pair of shoes that look like regular sneakers but work best for BMX bike rides as well as mountain bikes, then the Five Ten Adidas Men’s Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoe is the best deal to own. These shoes are extremely flexible with the sole being quite grippy that they fit on the pedals just right.

The tread design on the rubber outsole is just perfect to grip onto the pedals. These are extremely great for supporting flat or platform-like surfaces and have zero heels providing quite the ample stability that is needed for BMX Bike shoes.

These shoes being flat stick very well to the base of your feet and feel very firm fitting tightly on your legs. Because they can mix and match with almost anything that you wear, you can use them for walking, jogging, or plain running and even exercising apart from just using them as BMX Bike shoes. The shoes are made of leather and textile fabric that are extremely soft and comfortable as well as add to the flexibility of the shoe.

The canvas upper fabric is quite lightweight and breathable. The shoes also come with EVA midsoles that provide superior shock absorption as well as cushioning to your feet at the right places.


  • The supportive midsole for high-impact activity
  • Appealing designs and seams at the borders
  • Pedal gripping soles perfect for BMX Biking
  • Lace closure for added stability and firm grip


  • The shoes are not true to size
  • Don’t grip as expected


Osiris Men’s Clone

Best BMX Shoes

The Osiris Men’s Clone High Top Shoes are extremely soft and supportive and they also come with a vulcanized style full cup sole for added support to the feet. These shoes might feel a little stiff to you at first but soften eventually with use which makes it great for use as well as covering the entire part of your feet.

These shoes are typically available in various upper styles but this shoe, in particular, has a camel style upper that is extremely breathable and supportive to your ankle and shin. The upper layer has a lot of overlay panels and double-reinforced style stitching to increase the durability of the shoes. These shoes also have a decent amount of padding on the upper collar as well as around the ankle area and the tongue.

The overall look of the Osiris Men’s Clone High Top Shoes is very appealing and stylish that can be used for BMX biking as well as daily use. The back layers of the shoes may feel slightly hard at first but eventually, soften with use. The same applies to the upper back portion of the shoes as well.

There are 7 eyelets for styling the lace at your convenience. You can try a range of upper-layer styles to make the shoe look more appealing while riding your bike. The shoes also possess an EVA style footbed on the inside for added comfort.

The design of the EVA midsole is such that it is thicker at the heel and thinner around the toes to reduce the bulk but add to the support of the shoe. The heel area also has a micro heel cradle on the EVA sole that provides a decent amount of shock absorbance for high-impact activities as well. It has a mesh-like layer on the top that adds to the breathability of the sole and keeps your legs sweatproof. It has a rubber outsole and a faux leather kind finish but is actually made of canvas material for added durability and flexibility.


  • Available in a variety of colors and size variants
  • High top arch for added shin and ankle support
  • High abrasion areas for enhanced durability of the shoe
  • Padded collar and tongue area for comfort


  • The shoes look very puffy with the extra cushioning
  • The quality could have been better as perusers


Etnies Men’s Jameson Vulc X Doomed

Etnies Men's Jameson Vulc X Doomed

Be it BMX bike rides or skateboarding, these shoes are quite perfect for any high-impact activities. These shoes have a clean toe cap design that feels very comfortable on the top of the feet and is fairly easy to clean as well as light in weight due to no extra design associated hassles on the shoe.

These shoes also comprise two layers of suede combined with a basic rubber layer that extends all the way to the back making them very durable and flexible.

The Michelin rubber sole with a fiber layer adds to the durability of the shoe and makes it very flexible. You can, in fact, also notice the fiber layers through the outer sole that add to the flexion of the shoemaking it convenient for impactful activities.

These shoes also come with 2 lacing options, one behind the pad and one from the top. For distraction-free performance, and for zero fear of loosening, you can place them behind the pad. They have a geo hex pattern that makes the material quite durable and tear-proof from the outside. The design on the toe protects your toes and feet from high impact activity. Available in a range of sizes and basic colors and designs, these shoes are extremely light and almost feel like your second skin.


  • Rubber upper toe clean design that provides shock absorbance
  • Lightweight and comfortable wear
  • Rubber has a fiber layer beneath for added flexion


  • Not delivered true to size at times




It is not always easy to choose a pair of the best BMX shoes as it requires some additional features apart from just being a normal shoe. With added grip, cushioning, as well as true to fitting, we shortlisted the best BMX shoes that match the required criteria.

According to us, the best BMX shoes amongst all are the Vans Old Skool Pro Shoes. With a vulcanized construction for added comfort and durability and the classic VANS design, these shoes are a classic epitome of comfort and style combined and hence make it to the top of our list.

If you are a true blue BMX Biker, read our reviews on the best BMX shoes and tell us which one enhances your comfort while riding through the comments below.

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