These are the 10 best shoes for insanity in 2022 (tested and reviewed)

Best Shoes for Insanity

Who does not aim for that Greek God-like body? Of course, it’s not easy and not everyone’s cup of tea. But a workout that is as insane as its name “INSANITY” can surely transform you within 60 days. People who are into Insanity Workouts understand how intense and transformational it is to get you in the right shape in a short span.

However, in order to perform Insanity workouts, you need the right gear for additional comfort during such intense movements. And that starts with a pair of right shoes to support your Insanity workouts. Not all shoes meant for exercise are suitable for Insanity workouts and looking out for the most suitable ones from a range of sports shoes can be an extremely confusing process.

Therefore, we decided to make your job easier by consulting a few Insanity experts who recommended and personally reviewed the best Insanity shoes for those aspiring to be fit and “insanely” agile.


Best Shoes for Insanity

Here is List of Best Shoes for Insanity

  • Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit 2.0 Cross-Trainer
  • Reebok Men’s Flashfilm Train Cross-Trainer
  • Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker
  • NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles
  • New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross-Trainer
  • Reebok Men’s ROS Workout TR 2.0 Cross Trainer Shoes
  • Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe
  • ASICS Men’s Conviction X Cross-Trainer Shoe
  • Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer


Best Shoes for Insanity 2022

Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit 2.0 Cross-Trainer

Under Armour Men's Charged Commit 2.0 Cross-Trainer

A very sleek and minimalistic look yet a very extravagant performance, the Under Armor Charged Commit 2.0 Cross Trainer shoes sure do not disappoint us and is one of our best picks of all the shoes we have reviewed for Insanity workouts. It has a very basic yet comfortable Jacquard fabric and a PU layer on the forefront upper section of the shoes.

The middle region of the shoe is made of ballistic nylon which is the most flexible part of the shoe and the shoes are very flexible from the center region. At the rear portion of the shoe, there is a dual heel pattern followed by a charged cushioning midsole that helps in good shock absorbance. The midsole helps in keeping your feet quite energetic and provides a good bounce back for high energy workouts.

The high abrasion rubber outsole may have a very complicated treaded pattern but that calls for more traction meaning fewer chances of slipping during insanity workouts. It has a flex region in the toe area as well. The design of the tongue is quite unique as it holds your legs quite tightly giving you a very snug fitting to the shoe. The insole is non – removable but provides sufficient comfort and cushioning.

These shoes are available in a range of basic to fashionable colours and designs and a varied range of sizes to choose from. You can easily slip them in and certain designs don’t demand tying laces. You can use these as normal sneakers or even your partners for workouts like Insanity and Crossfit training.


  • A very flexible middle layer of the shoe
  • Rubber sole provides good traction
  • Decent amount of cushioning at the collars and the insole for comfort
  • Shock absorbing midsole


  • Certain users complain that the shoes are not always true to size


Reebok Men’s Flashfilm Train Cross-Trainer

Reebok Men's Flashfilm Train Cross-Trainer

The Reebok Men’s Flashfilm Train Cross Trainer shoes provide you with absolute freedom for movements and added flexibility for your Insanity workout. These shoes have an extremely low cut and bootie design to allow movement as well as support your feet evenly. The upper layer of the shoes is made of flex weave textile fabric that provides resilient stretching and has targeted support for people suffering from leg aches and flat foot.

The collar area comes with extreme cushioning that is lightweight yet comfortable. It has a di-cut removable footbed for additional cushioned support to the bottom of your feet and the lining on the inside is also highly breathable and ventilated. The shoes have a flash film polyurethane midsole that is lightweight and super responsive with every stride you take. The shoes have been designed in such a way that the base is quite wide and has an extended heel clip and footbed for more stability and the rubber outsole on the forefront of the shoes has a performance traction pattern that prevents you from slipping and provides stability with each movement you make.

These shoes are ideal for a variety of activities apart from insanity workouts like weight training, jogging on the streets, or even as regular wear sneakers. Versatile and supportive, these shoes from Reebok are quite an excellent choice for your insanity training.


  • Range of colours to choose from
  • Polyurethane midsole for added support and shock absorbance
  • Full-length rubber outsole provides good traction
  • Flexweave fabric for breathability


  • Certain users complain it is not as comfortable upon wearing, especially for wide feet


PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

The PUMA Women’s Tazon Cross-Trainer shoes have a very stylish and glossy design and come with a low profile yet stable midsole and a firm cushioning around the heel area. It also has sufficient cushioning at the tongue and the collar region to support your feet and ankle and provide added protection from high impact to your feet in Insanity workouts.

These cushions also provide good shock absorbance for jumping and treading as well as performing burpees and other insanity workouts. The outer material of the shoes is made of synthetic leather that makes you feel like you are wearing a stylish pair of sneakers. The soft foam comfort insole insert reduces the break-in period of the shoes and feels like the feet sink right down inside the shoes, feeling very soft. The durable outsole material has a tread pattern that provides good traction and stability whereas the shoes give a sturdy flex upon bending and being pressed.

These shoes look good upon wearing as well as feel equally comfortable for enhanced performance. These shoes are available in a range of colours and sizes for adjusting as per women’s feet.

The EVA midsole extends right across the heel that helps in shock absorption during high impact activities. These streamlined glossy looking pair of shoes make your workout look better and make your performance even better for your insanity workouts.


  • Glossy and classic looks and design
  • Low top design for easy movement with the shoes
  • EVA midsole for comfort and shock absorbance
  • Added cushioning at the collar and tongue for feet protection


  • The shoes are very stiff and not so flexible for workouts


Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

With the feels of a total cross-fitters shoe and the versatility of colours and stylish set of shoes, The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano Flexweave Sneakers have set a new benchmark in the range of shoes meant for intense workouts like insanity sessions. On close looks, you would observe that the shoe has been bifurcated into two parts for added durability and comfort.

The outer flex weave fabric adds to the breathability and provides protection to the inner synthetic fabric that is equally flexible and durable. This low top shoe is available in various colours, patterns, and designs and is meant for targeted support and enhanced performance. These shoes have been best designed keeping in mind ideas and inputs coming from across various cross-fitters and therefore have been designed to meet their specific needs for a comfortable workout.

The heel bootie construction is one unique aspect of this shoe that aids in stability while landing on your feet with high impact and provides some top-notch performance comfort. The protection in the toe area, called the toe-tection feature, makes the toe areas of the shoes very durable and does not make them feel compressed. These shoes have a minimalistic heel that makes it suitable for people with flat feet.

Rather, it adds to the flexibility of the toe area for high-intensity workouts. There are flex grooves in the outsole for added flexibility in the forefoot area. The low cut design makes your feet feel very flexible and allows unrestricted movements for any kind of workouts that demand extreme activity levels and random body flows. With a 4mm drop and a lightweight design, these shoes sure make a perfect companion for your insane workout sessions.


  • Low top design for ankle mobility
  • Good for a wide range of workouts like Insanity and CrossFit training
  • Heel bootie construction for stability
  • Added protection at the toes


  • No bounce at the heel
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet


NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles

NOBULL Women's Training Shoes and Styles

These super awesome pairs of shoes by NOBULL can literally fit in anywhere, be it with a pair of jeans, while running, hiking, or even during your intense training sessions like your insanity workouts. You can feel free to run, climb, grind, hike, lift, and jump with these light and extremely comfortable pairs of sneaker-like shoes from NOBULL.

These sneakers are extremely featherlike light that allows you to perform various functional movements in your insanity workouts and the flexible outer fabric helps you glide and move like a ninja. The upper fabric of these trainer shoes features a one-piece construction that has zero stitches and seams and is made of a super abrasion-resistant material.

The SuperFabric guard plates are placed on top of a mesh layer fabric of these shoes that provides almost a 360-degree shield from zombie workouts, rope climbs, and other intense activities. The outsole pattern has been designed in such a way that it is capable of providing traction on any surface, be it your gym floor or for hiking and climbing on rough terrains. The outsole is also very flexible as well as supportive for added stability during your workouts.

There are lateral and medial guards around the shoe that are made of high-quality carbon that makes the shoes more durable and provides you with protection on the side walls. These shoes are also shocked absorbing and extremely waterproof, made for any season, workout session, and surface.


  • Classy range of colour options to choose from
  • Flexible 360-degree pattern that is extremely durable
  • Lateral and medial protection guards
  • Unique outsole pattern for traction and stability


  • Users claim the shoes are not worth the price and extremely overrated


New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross-Trainer

Best Shoes for Insanity

The New Balance Minimus 20 V7 Cross-Trainer shoes have supportive nylon infused yarn upper with mesh at the sides for added durability and breathability after wearing the shoes. The asymmetrical molded foam collar gives you a more natural feel after wearing the shoe while also supporting your feet and giving your ankle some immense scope of mobility. The lace provides a solid snug fit to your feet.

The cushioned and textile insole bottom and the REVlite midsole provides added shock absorbance and comfort for your feet with a lightweight cushioning and an overall comfortable underfoot feeling that is good for better ground support. The Vibram rubber outsole has a very unique treaded pattern that is very good for traction across any surface that gives you the amount of stability you need for insanity workouts.

The upper material is very flexible and the nylon infused yarn provides some additional lateral support to your feet. These shoes have a very contemporary design and a low heel design with a 4mm drop pattern, these shoes are very supportive for better performance and enhance your style.


  • Flexible mesh and knit fabric that adds to the ventilation
  • Cushioning for comfort that is very light
  • Basic low feet design for stability
  • Vibram outsole provides good traction


  • Shoes are not good for people with narrow feet
  • The quality of the shoes seems to have deteriorated over the years


Reebok Men’s ROS Workout TR 2.0 Cross-Trainer-Shoes

Reebok Men's ROS Workout TR 2.0 Cross-Trainer-Shoes

These cross trainer shoes from the Reebok Workout series are a pair of shoes that provide agility as well as comfort to another level. These are probably one of the most stable and flexible training shoes you can get your hands on. You may want to avoid these pairs of shoes if you have wide feet as they may not be quite true to size at times. However, these shoes are excellent for running and for activities that demand extreme agility.

These shoes may look very basic but are unbeatable in terms of durability and the upper fabric that is beyond comfortable. The mesh fabric on the top is very breathable and comfortable and keeps the shoes ventilated while the rubber outsole comes with a unique treaded pattern that provides added traction to the shoes for extreme movements across any surface.

The textile overlays in the upper layer make the shoe abrasion-proof and add to the durability of the shoes. The trainers are quite stylish and come with an EVA molded midsole which provides ample cushioning to your legs and provides shock absorbance. The cradle shapes EVA midsole adds to the stability of your arched feet and the RopePro carbon rubber tech and molded toe cap are helpful in providing protection to your feet during intense activities.

These shoes have a very low top design that provides ample space to your feet for movement and the basic yet anatomical shape gives a very snug and comfortable fitting to your feet and movement space to your ankles. These cross trainer shoes have a full foot rubber FINN patterned outsole for providing traction on any surface and the treaded design makes it ideal for plyos, weight lifting, and even insanity workouts.


  • Low top design for added movement
  • EVA molded design to support your feet during insanity workouts
  • FINN patterned outsole for superior traction
  • Flexible and lightweight


  • Not true to size
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet


Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe

Inov-8 Women's F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe

These pretty looking shoes are attractive on the outside but equally tough on the inside with a 100% synthetic outer material as well as a synthetic sole that makes it very durable and equally flexible for your intense workout sessions. The upper mesh layer adds to the breathability of the shoe and provides ventilation to your feet during sweaty workout sessions. These shoes are perfect for weight training, running, and even Insanity training.

The heels of the shoes seem extremely dense which may add to the weight of the shoe but due to being 40% denser than the forefoot of the shoe, it gives you maximum stability while pushing through the ground for bodyweight associated movements. These shoes are equipped with the next generation meta flex technology that allows multi-directional flexibility, bend, flex, stretch on either side and the shoes can take it all.

The met-cradle lacing system gives a snug and tight fit to the feet and holds your feet securely adding to the stability of the shoes. The 360-degree rope tec system extends around the entire surface of the shoe and also provides superior traction as well as durability for activities like rope climbing, trekking, etc. The toe bumpers of the shoes have been made for ultimate protection that helps in preventing burpee fatigue on the toes as well.

Available in a range of colors and designs with a super powerful heel, these shoes also have a very dense cushioning that protects the ankle and feet, helps in shock absorbance during intense activities as well as keeps your feet feeling comfortable during sweaty workouts.


  • Highly flexible shoes due to meta-flex technology, suitable for insanity training
  • Reconstructed upper toe bumper to prevent burpee fatigue
  • Rope tec technology provides superior traction
  • Dense heel area for added stability


  • Not true to size
  • The sole is very thin


ASICS Men’s Conviction X Cross-Trainer Shoe

Best Shoes for Insanity

The ASICS Men’s Conviction X Cross-Trainer Shoes is a true functional fitness shoe that has a synthetic leather called the Rhyno Skin that wraps the entire surface of the shoe while the upper layer is more of a mesh fabric with a TPU overlay that also extends to the heels. The outsoles are made of high abrasion-resistant rubber that has a very busy looking tread pattern but does a decent job of providing superior traction over any surface that provides you immense stability with INSANITY workouts.

The treaded portion also extends to the medial part of the shoe for rope climbing and slope like surfaces making it a great choice for trekking as well. There is also a little lace pocket to keep the lace from interfering in your workouts. The insoles are quite breathable yet dense and lightweight. It comes in a perforated design adding to the comfort of the shoe. The shoes however are not very true to size but great in terms of performance.

The heel may seem super dense to you upon wearing which adds to your stability. The heels seem super stiff. The TPU Heel corner provides excellent stability to the heels and keeps your feet feeling energetic throughout. Apart from being rigid and dense, the shoes are very flexible for insanity workouts that require high flexibility. These shoes are quite in par with the NIKE Metcon Shoes in terms of price as well as performance which makes them a definite choice for your next insanity workout sessions.


  • Very flexible forefront
  • Dense heels for added stability
  • Perforated insole for breathability and comfort
  • Durable Rhyno skin leather upper layer


  • The shoes are not true to size at times
  • Not very comfortable for people with narrow feet


Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer

Insanity training is all about versatile movements and if you are looking for the right pair of shoes to match your versatile workout style, then the Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT 7.0 Cross Trainer is the perfect choice for an athletic you. These shoes from Reebok are the 7th generation from the nano series edition. These shoes are designed for all types of training like box jumps, burpees, and random bodyweight associated movements that form a core part of insanity workouts.

The Nano-Weave mesh upper design provides a superior airflow across the shoe allowing the right kind of ventilation and preventing your shoes from getting stinky and causing leg infections during the sweaty insanity workouts. The low cut EVA design midsole with resilient cushioning is quite lovable and provides immense support and bounce for your highly intense workout sessions.

The cushioning also helps in shock absorbance and is quite supporting especially for people who have nerve associated pain and for people with flat feet. The 360-degree midsole wrap and the external heels add to the stability of the shoes with a solid grip to your inner feet making it true to size and providing enough space for mobility to your ankle.

The outsole of these shoes is made of high abrasion rubber that is immensely flexible and at the same time has a very unique pattern and treaded design for superior traction in all different types of surfaces. The minimal drop outsole makes the shoes versatile not just for insanity workouts but even for running and Crossfit training.

The forefront section of the outsole has around 4 grooves for extra flexibility and allows a wide range of movements. These cross trainer nano shoes are sure to take your workouts to the next level.


  • Unique outsole design that provides superior traction on any surface for workouts
  • Midsole wrapping around the entire shoe for added stability and shock absorbance
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Comes with removable insole for customization


  • Not suitable for people with narrow feet
  • The toe box of the shoe is very tiny


How to Choose Best Shoes for Insanity 

While shoes for workouts don’t come cheap and have several designs and patterns to choose from, we help you look for the best shoes that are specifically designed for your comfort and needs, with our comprehensive and detailed buyer’s guide for Insanity Shoes.


Stability and Flexibility

With these Insanity workouts requiring high levels of activity, the shoes have to be able to maintain superior stability and the platform should provide you with a proper base to maintain your gait and avoid slipping or tumbling.

The size of the shoe also plays an important role to maintain stability as larger sizes may cause your feet to slip off thereby hampering your workouts and distracting you from focussed movements. Flat platforms for such shoes reduce your chances of slipping altogether and make sure your position and gait are maintained while movement.

Flexibility with these shoes is a MUST. When the workout in itself demands such flexible movements, then the shoes have to be more flexible. Moreover, flexibility also allows your legs to move freely and eliminates the chances of feeling stuffy within the shoes. Flexible shoes are also more durable and worth the value.


Material and Ventilation 

Insanity workouts get you all drenched in sweat from head to toe and hence it is very necessary to choose the right material for the shoe. Usually, mesh overlays over canvas and rubber outsoles are the common design and mesh allows for added breathability and ventilation.

This makes sure that your feet, as well as your shoes, are not stinking due to all the percolating sweat and that you don’t contract any major infections or issues. Make sure that the material you look for is not too stuffy or heavy and allows adequate ventilation for comfort during sweating.


Body Weight & Shoe Weight

While doing any rapid movement activities like TRX, Insanity workouts, or cycling, the weight of the shoe should not be a factor to restrict your movements and must feel just like your second skin. The shoes should have a simple, and minimalistic design to reduce the overall weight and maintenance and sink in with your feet to aid in some gliding and smooth movements.

The shoes should also be capable of taking high impact due to body weight. For people who are on the heavier side, not all shoes are compatible and high-quality shoes are, therefore, helpful in taking care of such impacts.


Sole & Shock Absorbance

It is recommended that the outer sole of these shoes should be of rubber as they are flexible, bouncy, light in weight, and help in good shock absorbance. Moreover, the midsole should be placed and designed in such a way that they can support people with any feet condition like flat feet or arch related pain.

The insoles should have an adequate amount of cushioning to provide maximum comfort and support to your feet and not make the shoes too stuffy or heavy as well. All of these aid in good shock absorbance and reduce the pressure on your nerves of the feet thereby not causing pain due to high impact activities.


Feet Issues 

If you have pain in the legs, other major issues or flat feet, or any pain due to injuries in the past, then it may get difficult for you to carry out such insane level of workouts. However, if you make sure to choose the right kind of insanity shoes with adequate sole support, cushioning, and arch support especially for flat feet, then even a workout as insane as Insanity workout will seem like a piece of cake in spite of the leg issues.

This is solely because the Insanity shoes are specifically designed in such a way for people with issues that it becomes an additional supporting factor for them to carry out easy movements.



We have shortlisted a few of the best workout shoes for insanity workouts. Out of the entire classic and comprehensive range, the one pair of shoes that caught our eyes and truly stands apart in terms of performance is the Under Armour Men’s Charged Commit 2.0 Cross Trainer.

With a unique upper fabric that is so breathable and flexible, these shoes are very durable and provide cushioning for people with flat feet as well as leg pain. The shoes hug your feet for added stability and the heel cushioning charges your feet up for insane jumps and intense actions.

Read our exclusive reviews on the best shoes for insanity workouts and tell us which pair of shoes makes your best workout buddy through the comments section below.

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