What Shoes To Wear With Leggings?

What Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Leggings have been a part of every wardrobe due to their versatility in styling. But as it is easier to pair with another wardrobe essential, finding a perfect shoe can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Since leggings are the most comfortable piece of outfit, you can put on, finding shoes to match the vibe is exceptionally important.

Whether you are planning to wear leggings for a fun workout at the gym or for grocery shopping, date night, or a long day of fieldwork, there are so many types of shoes you can pair them up with.

Don’t let the variety of shoes get you stuck with what goes with your leggings and what doesn’t. Keep your confusion at bay, as we have got for you ten different pairs of shoes that go well with all styles of leggings.

We have made sure to help you out with a combination of outfits you can try those shoes as well to give you a better idea.

However, before we start to explore the options you get to pick, knowing where you are heading is equally essential. Pumps look good on leggings, but you obviously can’t wear them to the gym, right.

So know the mood of your overall outfit, the place you are heading to, and the activity you are going to do because, by the end of the day, you want to have a balance between comfort and style both.

Well, without taking any further, let us dive into the variety of shoes you can pair with your Oh so comfortable leggings and yet look stylish for anywhere, and everywhere you are heading.


Shoes to Style With Your Leggings

Shoes to Style With Your Leggings

The options are endless when it comes to styling the shoes with leggings, especially when you don’t know what goes with the vibe of the overall look. But hey girls, we are here with the ten best shoes that are easy to pair with your legging almost for all occasions.

You simply should know what type of leggings you want to pair your shoes. This includes materials like leather, cotton, jeggings, and the shade of your leggings. Apart from the occasion, these two factors are extremely important to consider.

So let us start with the ones that go with all, moving ahead with specifications.

Comfortable Basics

Leggings are basic wardrobe staples, and so to begin with, here are the few shoe basics that will help you style them up correctly.



Yes, sneakers go with anything and everything. Leggings being a body-hugging garment, sneakers can be perfect footwear to style with.

Well, we know they are available in quite a lot of types, and to be more specific, we recommend lace-up sneakers or slip-on sneakers.

Both of these types look great on a variety of tints, tones, shades, and types of leggings due to their versatility.

All sneakers are incredibly comfy and give you a tad bit of a sporty look as well. So whether you are heading out to a park for a long walk or hit a gym to burn some calories, sneakers can be a go-to choice.

They give more of a casual and relaxed vibe, making it one of the most important wardrobes essentials. They go pretty well with leather pants and jeggings, so you can also consider high-end brands to invest in.

So get your lace-up or slip-on sneakers, pair them with your favorite leggings and a crop top, and you have a perfect look for your gym.

Also, they can be worn for a day out with friends, at the office, or any other casual outing when you want to be comfortable.


Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

When being a bit dressy is your mood, but so is making it comfortable; leggings with an oversized coat and flat sandals can be a perfect combo.

Since most of the flats are designed uniquely, getting something that matches your upper torso rather than leggings is essential.

You can go for flat sandals or even flip-flops in that case if you want to look more dressy than casual. Whichever be your choice, these are readily available footwear styles, so most of us might already have them.

Women of all ages and sizes can pull off this look due to its aesthetic look and comfort. You can wear them for any occasion or even when you have none planned.

The excellent part of flats is that they are incredibly light and so can be a perfect travel partner. See, vacations do not always mean heavier luggage when you know your style.

Just know that flats need not always be black, white, or brown. It can be any and every color. Something that matches your top will lily look great if you want to play safe or when you are confused.


Flip Flops

Flip Flops

Flip flops are not so expensive yet a pretty versatile pair of footwear to style with your leggings.

These are for days when you are just stepping out with your dog for a walk or to visit a friend nearby.

Style-wise they are chic and so can be paired with leggings for casual outings when dressing up isn’t the mood on the table.

Put on your leggings, a long top, and your flip-flops. Even pregnant women can easily carry this look.


Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

The next comfortable option to pair up with your leggings is ballet flats. They are simple and have a sleek design and hence look highly stylish with leggings.

This should be the go-to combination when you want to look relaxed and casual. Also, they are versatile and can be worn throughout the year, cold or hot.

Even if you have broader feet and find getting footwear a bit of a task, ballet flats can work really well for you. They are light and easily camouflages unequal foot length or shape, making it a pretty dressy option.

You can wear them for a meeting or lunch date as they are minimalistic and classy. If you don’t want anything that takes away eyes from your dress, or neither something that makes your overall look dull, ballet flats can be perfect for getting a balanced look.




Airport looks have become a trend, and so are the loafers. They are the go-to choice of celebrities when they want to go out with some comfort and yet look elegant and stylish.

So could be you, since loafers are now a style statement in itself without making the wearer too uncomfortable.

When rightly paired, they are elegant and chic for several outings. You can walk the door of your office looking stylish even at the 9 in the morning that too with utmost comfort.

If you are not sure what to put them up with, just go for your favorite pair of loafers, leggings, a long loose t-shirt, a dressy shrug, and you are good to go.

So that will be your look, loafers, leggings, a t-shirt, a perfect combination of sophisticated, stylish, and completely comfortable outfits.


Stand Out with Style

When in the mood to go out loud and bold, here are the few options a fashionista in you would want to have.



There is hardly any other type of shoes that look as stylish as a pair of stilettoes. They instantly lift up your confidence, eventually making you feel ready to win the game of life.

They are very feminine and can completely level up your style game sooner than ever. No matter if you are wearing a dull pair of leggings or leather pants, stilettos can be a perfect match for all.

You can give your look a boost without really doing anything but just wearing your favorite stilettos.

Also, they are great to pair with leggings when you style your leggings with just anything and everything. Whether you choose to wear a blazer on top, dusters, kimonos, or bodysuits, stilettos are good to go with them all.

However, we always want you all to make sure you are pretty comfortable with them. Comfort can only be achieved by making sure you get them in the correct size. You surely don’t want to get the loose ones as they can make it difficult to walk in style.

With leggings, it can either make you look effortlessly styled or uncomfortable almost all through the day.

So whether you are heading to work or meeting your special someone, stilettos can be a perfect style statement when paired with leggings.


Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Winters can be fun and stylish, only when you know how to dress up for them. Well, leggings are often the best winter companions so are ankle boots.

Whether you are a fan of black boots, white, brown, or grey, they are perfect to pair with your leggings.

If comfortable, you can go for high heel ankle boots and elevated your height. They usually go with standard leggings; you can as well try them with leather pants.

Generally, black ankle boots are versatile and also wardrobe staples that go with various outfits, and investing in them won’t be a bad choice.

Ankle boots make you bold, edgy, and confident and so can be perfect when you are heading for a meeting or an important presentation.

It can be used both for day and night outings, especially when you don’t want anything casual to put on.

Pair them with your favorite leather pants, jeggings, or leggings, put on your button-up shirt and blazer, and you are good to go.


Knee-Length Boots

Knee-Length Boots

Another pair of boots that can make your leggings and winters again more stylish, warm, and not so casual.

You can make your own choice if you want to have flat ones or heels, depending on your personality, comfort, and personal style.

Knee-length boots easily can uplift the mood of your autumn or winter outfit. Also, it camouflages excess fat with ease in the lower torso of the body, eventually making you look sexier.

It can be one of the most comfortable and chic ideas to pair them up with a cute oversized top, sweatshirt, jumper, with leggings.

Even if you are pregnant and want to look stylish without sacrificing warmth and comfort knee length boots can be the best investment you can make.

They can also be your favorite travel partner since not just leggings, they go with almost all outfits.

Just remember to invest in neutrals like black, white, or grey rather than accent colors if you want to make the most of it.


Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals

Yes, strappy sandals can as be a perfect option to style with leggings. They are more feminine and chic and available in a variety of styles.

This makes planning your overall outfit a pretty simple task. They go in jeggings as well as leather pants.

It might feel a bit too loud sometimes, but it a perfect when you want to look dressy. You can even put them on for regular meetings and occasions, or with a day out with your friends.’

However, we do not really recommend using strappy flats, as small heels can really look fascinating.

During summers, they are good when you want to look fancy without making it a big of a deal.

Strappy sandals are versatile, and so you can pair them up with your favorite leggings, a crop top, or even a blazer.

Looking at them, you will know when you need them the most.


Platform Heels

Platform Heels

You can have a balance of feminine, stylish, and comfortable looks when you choose platform heels to pair with your leggings.

With platform heels, you don’t always have to go OTT nor make it look just basic. They are comfortable as basics and stylish as the rest of the options mentioned above.

Since platform heels can elevate your height just like pumps and stilettos, you can wear them when you are heading out with friends, at works, on a dinner date, or on any such casual or formal occasion.

They are not too sweaty and so are ideal for summer and spring picnics.

Just remember you will have to keep platform heels 3 inches or less as it is easier to get a perfect balance. You won’t find it challenging to pair them up for various occasions.

So even if you don’t find walking in heels comfortable, platform heels should be your go to combination.

These were the ten ways you can style your leggings effortlessly without making them look too much of a deal. Since now you what types of shoes you can pair with, you should avoid the few mistakes you should avoid when it comes to styling your leggings.


What should you know about styling leggings?

Leggings are versatile wardrobe essentials and can be styled with a variety of outfits. This can often turn confusing since leggings are the all-season wardrobe essential. Getting to know the do’s and don’t of styling leggings is a must.

Hence we are here with a few tips that will help you wear your leggings the right way.


Just like any other outfit, the fit of your leggings matters the most. They are body-hugging, so you should always make sure you get them in the correct size.

But that does not also mean that your leggings are too stretched out. Leggings should neither be loose nor too tight.

Make sure you get leggings that look like they are specifically designed for you.



The color of your leggings matters the most, and so does the print. If you are a fan of loud colors and patterns, you should know they won’t look good for formal occasions.

Crazy or loud prints are often complex to style and can make the outfit look loud. Also, neon-colored leggings are also out of trend.

Always stick to dark-colored leggings like black, burgundy, brown, or any such darker shades. Do stick to solid colors since they are not too loud.

Also, you should avoid white or nude colored leggings since they are often see-through. Even faded colors don’t really look good and can spoil your style game.



When it comes to styling your leggings, you want to make sure you do it right. With leggings, it is always advisable to wear long tops, coats, or sweaters. You can also layer in the upper torso.

Make sure you wear the right lingerie. You should also avoid leggings that are thin or see-through as in some lightings it can get really uncomfortable.

Get rid of all your leggings with holes, rips, or loose seams. Tight tops or crop tops when paired with leggings, we recommend jeggings or leather pants than any other fabric.

If you are going for white leggings, you should make sure you wear a long shirt, tunic or dress with them.

These are the few tips you should remember when it comes to leggings. Even if they are easy to style, you need to make sure you are not going wrong due to these tiny mistakes.


Final Notes on shoes you can style with leggings

So that was a wrap. You now know how versatile your leggings are. So next time when you wear them, you know what shoes you can pair them up with.

Whether you want to go for basics like sneakers, flat sandals, ballet flats, or loafers, you can be comfortable ad stylish at the same time.

However, you can also level up your style game with stilettos, ankle boots, knee-high boots, strappy sandals, or platform heels to go a bit over the top.

Whichever your mood might be, styling your leggings just got a stylish upgrade with this blog.

You only now need to be well aware of the ways to style your leggings as they can either make or break your look. If you have any better ideas to share with us, we would be extremely grateful. Happy styling!!!


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