What Shoes To Wear With A Denim Dress?

What Shoes To Wear With A Denim Dress

Denim is not just material; it’s a whole mood in itself. With the rise in demand for denim, designers came up with new denim creations every now and then.

Well, statement denim jackets did find their way to every wardrobe; denim dresses, too, had their charm for all the fashion enthusiasts.

There is hardly anyone out there who can hate on denim dresses. While styling denim jackets is relatively easier, denim dress did demand a lot of trials and errors when it came to styling them.

Since denim is more of a casual material, the shoes you wear with them can either make your look more chic or can just mess it all. This makes deciding on a pair of shoes that go with your denim dress a bit of a challenge.

There is a thing about denim dresses. They can either be too formal, bold, or completely a street style. The choice will be yours on how you style them.

So when you are planning to wear a denim dress for an office meeting, shoes that you wear will be different from what you would prefer wearing during a night at a club.

Also, since denim is quite a durable material and often a bit heavy on your pocket, accessorizing it differently for different occasions can make it more of a part of the wardrobe cluster.

You can create various looks with a single denim dress with just wearing different shoes. And so here we are with all the variety of shoes you can pair with your denim dress to make it more versatile.


Know Your Denim Dress

Denim Dress

Before we even begin with the variety of shoes, you can wear with a denim dress, understanding your denim dress is extremely important to make it look stylish.

So here are few things you should know about your denim dress.

The “Mood” of your Denim Dress

Denim is a very versatile material, and you want to make sure you style it according to the mood or say category it falls into. To know this, the tint, tone, or shade of your denim dress will be helpful.

So if you own a dark wash denim dress, by which we mean denim in the shade of raw indigo and charcoal, it falls more under formal denim irrespective of its pattern.

While on the other hand, the mid-wash denim, the lighter shade or drab like navy blue or something, signifies casualty or even casual formals you can wear for work when you don’t want to look too authoritative.

Lastly, light wash types of denim, like light blues or greys, are suitable for casual occasions. These shades of denim tend to be more trendy than dark-wash denim when it comes to dressing. And hence are versatile to style as well.

So depending on the shade of denim you own, know the mood it signifies as it will help you choose perfect shoes for every occasion.


Style, Pattern, and Material of the Denim dress

The style of your denim dress is equally important when we are talking about finding perfect accessories to pair with a denim dress, and shoes are no exception.

To know this, you can try a blink test since every single dress will be different from the other. Close your eye, and once you open, look at the dress for a while.

All the patterns, buttons, pockets, and other things added to the dress will clearly tell you what vibe it gives you. Some denim dresses look more formal than others, and it’s important to know what kind of vibe your denim dress has.

These things will help you pick the right shade or style of footwear to pair with your denim dress. Because we know you clearly don’t want to wear anything casual when your dress is more into formal or vice-versa.

Since we hope you by now know your dress a bit more than you did earlier, here are the variety of shoes you can style with your denim dress depending on the mood, style, or the occasion you are attending.


Shoes to Wear with a denim dress

So here are the few different styles of shoes you can pair with your denim dress. Depending on your denim dress’s tint, tone, and shade, you can choose the styles and colors mentioned below.

Black pumps

Black pumps

No matter what shade of denim dress you own, black pumps are always going to make you look authoritative and approachable.

Whether you are planning to wear a denim dress for your office presentation or a meeting or for a night at the club, these beauties will forever make you look chic and stylish.

Pumps give you some extra height while also feeling quite comfortable, elegant, and functional.

Black pumps match almost all color complexion and simply elevate your look quickly from basic to chic. It works with dresses for all lengths, patterns, and shades.

Black pumps are really stylish and hence are found in almost every women’s wardrobe. So going out for shopping won’t even be of a big deal when you want to make your denim dress look chic and stylish.

Also, black is a pretty neutral color and so won’t take away attention from your denim dress, unlike most bold colors.

Since black pumps are found in a variety, we recommend getting one that exhibits boldness but yet is equally comfortable.

So make sure to buy black pumps that are versatile as it is more of a statement piece and also a wardrobe essential and you don’t want to go wrong with.


White Shoes

White Shoes

A neat denim dress can make you sometimes look a bit more authoritative, but you want to make sure you add an element of fun without overdoing it.

White shoes can easily elevate your look without making you uncomfortable.

Styling denim dresses with white shoes have always been a go-to choice for various celebrities until now, and why not take some more inspiration.

Whether you have a baggy denim dress or an A-line fit, white shoes paired with denim are a timeless look.

It gives a sporty, vintage, and stylish look that you can wear for your college, date, or even a job interview.

Also, white shoes are again wardrobe essentials, and so every women’s closet will likely have them. If you don’t have one yet,  investing in them could be a pretty perfect choice.

Also, white is a color that goes with dark-wash, mid-wash, and even light-wash denim, so if you are unable to figure out what to wear, white sports shoes, sneakers, or any other type will just go pretty well.


Brown Sandals

Brown Sandals

This one is specifically for the lighter shades of denim, although darker shade dresses can also be paired with brown sandals.

No matter what style of brown sandals you have or loved at a shoe store, they can be easily paired with denim dresses. The shade of your brown sandals, however, matters the most.

Suppose you have a darker denim dress; go for lighter shades of brown sandals. While if you have a lighter denim dress, go for darker brown sandals.

However, if you live in a colder environment, we suggest investing in brown boots rather than sandals. It will make you feel warm yet stylish. But if that’s not the issue, brown sandals will be a perfect style.

Whether you want to keep it casual or look formal dressy, brown sandals can quickly elevate your look when paired with a denim dress.

No matter what length of denim dress you own, brown sandals can be the perfect chic choice you can make to keep your denim dress looking effortlessly styled.


Yellow heels

Yellow heels

Yellow is a pretty versatile color that goes with anything and everything. And denim here is not an exception.

When you own yellow heels, you can quickly make your wardrobe go from dull to bold with ease.

The only task of using yellow heels with denim dresses is to find perfect yellow sandals. Yes, it can often get tricky since not all yellows go with all shades of denim dress.

The trick is to make sure you are not using dull or muted shades of yellow.

So basically, you have to avoid yellows like flax, trombone, citrine and choose shades like canary yellow, lemon yellow, sunshine yellow.

Any shade of yellow that is brighter will look amazing on heels when paired with a denim dress.

Whether darker denim or lighter one, these shades of yellow will make you look bold and chic, giving you a complete girl next door vibe.

This shade is for people who want to look dressy and stylish. No matter what occasion it is, yellow heels with a denim dress will be a perfect OOTD or even OOTN.


Animal Print

Animal Print

Denim is the all-season fabric, and animal print never goes out of style. Hence denim dress, when paired with animal print heels, sandals, or even pumps, can give you a pretty bold look effortlessly.

Investing in animal-printed footwear, whether leopard, cow, tiger, or whatever else you saw in the market, will make your wardrobe likely more versatile than it ever was.

No matter how basic your denim dress is, animal-printed footwear will suddenly make it look a bit more OTT for your next outing.

However, we do not really recommend it for formal occasions like an interview, presentation, or event.

Animal prints are visually striking and add variety to your look that most colors fail to. It has an entirely different vibe of its own that you don’t want to waste at the wrong time or place.

Well, so if you are planning your birthday outfit or meeting your friends out at a club, this look is undoubtedly going to make you look bold, confident, and fun within seconds.


Neon sandals or shoes

Neon sandals

If going basic is not your mood today, or ever will be, neons should be your best friend.

Not much neon is always acceptable, and so since you want it to look chic with a denim dress, neon shoes or sandals could be a fun element.

Denim dress can sometimes make you less dressy, and that’s when neon colors can help you look perfectly styled.

Going bright is what makes every fashionista stand out from the rest of the crowd, and that does not always mean you have to put in, hours to dress up always. Just wear your favorite neon with your denim dress, and you are good to go.

Also, all neons go with all shades of denim. If you don’t want to make it too loud, you can also pair it with shoes that have some neon added to them.

But the boots have more white rather than any other color apart from neon. Embrace neon with denim as we know you dare to be different.


Nude sandals

Nude sandals

There are days when you want to go out loud, and then there are days you can’t decide anything. Nude colors, come for your rescue when you want to keep it simple.

Also, nude sandals come for various skin tones, and all of you can put them on for keeping your outfit look minimal.

Since we are talking about sandals, they will keep you cool also looking stylish at the same time.

Sandals are always comfortable and even protect your feet. This makes it ideal for picnics or when you have to walk miles.

With nude sandals, you can be sure you will look cute with your dress.


Colour Blocking Sneakers

Colour Blocking Sneakers

Colour blocking in dresses was considered a trend a few years back, and now it has also made its way to shoes.

Many brands like Nike, Sketchers have introduced color-blocking shoes. It took less than a month for celebrities and stylists around the globe to style them.

Due variety of colors in them, pairing such shoes with basic outfits became a trend. Hence, we feel basics like denim dresses aren’t an exception.

All love sneakers since they are incredibly comfortable and stylish. Also, they elevate your basic denim dress into a contemporary look within seconds.

So there it is an essential fit into a sporty chic look within seconds.


Final Notes

Well, by now, we hope you are pretty aware of the variety of styles you can pull it with your denim dress by just using the proper footwear.

Understanding the mood of your denim dress, depending on its pattern, shade, material, and style, will likely help you pick the perfect footwear for the specific occasion.

However, basics like black pumps, nude sandals, and white shoes can be used for all occasions. They do not also make your style under-dresses but not even over-dress.

But when you are in a mood to go a bit extra simple, add colors. Brown sandals, yellow heels, animal print, or neons can be a good choice depending on your personality and personal style.

Hope your next denim dray will be elegant, chic, and most importantly, effortlessly stylish.

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