What Color Shoes To Wear With Gold Dress? (Our 6 Favorite Color Shoes)

What Color Shoes To Wear With Gold Dress?

Have you bought a lovely shimmery gold dress for a wedding or any other special event? Well, buying a dress is not enough. You must pair them up with color-coordinated shoes to complete the outfit; otherwise, you might as well end up looking like an Academy Award trophy.

Let us give you a clear answer first- gold dresses go best with black, white, red, silver, nude, and gold shoes.

Even though you have the answer, we suggest going through the entire article. We have thrown in several fashion and styling tips to match your favorite Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.


Our 6 Favorite Color Shoes That Go Flawlessly with Gold Dress

 Since a gold dress is enough to bring the limelight to your outfit, we wouldn’t want you to wear shoes that would distract others from it. So, it is necessary to get the right color shoes that don’t sidetrack your dress.

1. Black Shoes for a Simple and Stunning Look

Black Shoes for a Simple and Stunning Look

 Call it what you want- we are obsessed with black due to its versatility and elegance. It is the kind of color that goes with all shades of all colors, and gold is not an exception.

If you have a lovely gold gown that you’d like to wear to your friend’s wedding reception or a black-tie event, we recommend pairing it with black high heels.

In case your gown is glittery enough, we suggest wearing black suede shoes to tone down the overall shine factor of your outfit.

You can also wear black wedges or spools if you have a babydoll or body con dress.

If you do not want to show your skin, you can pair your black shoes with black sheer leggings stockings. However, keep this combination for casual events and nothing too formal.

Black shoes also give you the liberty to style your outfit with a black purse. You can either opt for a handbag, satchel, or evening bag.


2. White Shoes for a Distinctive Look

White Shoes for a Distinctive Look

 If black shoes are coming off as too plain for you, you can still play it safe by pairing your gold dress with white shoes.

White shoes are the epitome of elegance as well as cultivated taste. Like black, you can wear white shoes to all kinds of events- be it an office party or New Year’s Eve.

 If white is not your favorite, you can also pair your gold dress with off-white shoes. These kinds of footwear colors will enhance your look without diluting the luster of your dress.

You can add contrast to your outfit by carrying a yellow or orange purse. While this might sound like a bold move, you can basically pull off any look with confidence!


3. Red Shoes for a Surprising Look

Red Shoes for a Surprising Look

If you are tired of those black and white shoes, we recommend spicing up the outfit with some sexy red shoes.

Red shoes go best with saturated gold, yellow gold, golden fleece dresses.

Since gold and red are warm colors, they blend well without causing too much of a contrast. It almost evokes a holiday feeling, with your outfit enunciating a feeling of togetherness.

Hence, this combination works best for festivals and family gatherings.

You can take it up a notch by wearing dark red lipstick. This will also allow you to keep other makeup elements subtle and straightforward.


4. Silver Shoes for a Metallic Look

Silver Shoes for a Metallic Look

Generally, people do not prefer combining gold and silver since both of them are metallic tones.

However, rose gold dresses go best with silver shoes. This combination works best for formal events, especially if you are wearing a slit maxi dress.

You can beautify your outfit by carrying a silver purse. However, tone down the glitter by opting for a suede material purse. You wouldn’t want to be the source of light in the room, would you?

Accessorize yourself with silver studs, and you are good to go!


5. Nude Shoes for a Neutral Look

Nude Shoes for a Neutral Look

 If playing with colors is not your forte, you can wear nude shudes without bringing down the fashion quotient.

Nude shoes must be selected on the basis of your skin tone.

For example, go with lighter shades of nude if you have pale skin. If your skin is neutral or medium-brown, go with peach-based nude shades. Lastly, brown shades of shoes work best for people with dark or brown complexions.

As a thumb rule, wear your nude shades and look at yourself in the mirror. If they seem to disappear, you have picked the right shade.

Since the nude shoes might tone down the overall pop of color from your outfit, you can wear dark lipstick.


6. Gold Shoes for a Gold Look

Gold Shoes for a Gold Look

Yes, of course! You can style your gold dresses with gold shoes, but remember to pick out a slightly different shade of gold.

Moreover, do remember that you must avoid doing a gold overload to your outfit by wearing additional gold jewelry and gold purses.

Experiment a little bit in that area, preferably skipping the jewelry and wearing a black purse instead.



How to Style Your Gold Dress to Perfection?

Apart from learning the different color combinations, it is necessary to understand the styling procedure.

The following tips will help you accentuate your gold dress to make you the talk of any room you step into:


  1. Highlight your cheeks with a rosy tint. Along with multiple coats of mascara, opt for a light-colored eyeshadow. You can add a pop of color with red lipstick.
  2. Match your shoes with your purse. Too many colors in a single outfit will make you look flashy.
  3. If your dress shimmers, it is best to opt for suede shoes.
  4. You can style your gold dress with a statement ring, glittery earrings, or a lariat necklace.
  5. Avoid wearing a jacket or blazer over your gold dress.




Q. Can you wear gold jewelry with a gold dress?

If your dress is completely gold without any additional shades, it is best to avoid wearing gold jewelry. Instead, you can wear a bold statement necklace, preferably in the shade of silver or black.


Q. Are gold dresses suitable for bridesmaids?

 Gold dresses work well as bridesmaid dresses. They bring glamor to the bridal party. Moreover, it also gives everybody the liberty to style it as per their liking.


Final Note

We hope that you are going away with some valuable information about gold dresses and their styling.

Once you have the right shoes, do not let your gold dress sit at the end of your closet. Bring it out and let its glamour take over your evening.


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