What Color Shoes To Wear With Burgundy Dress? (8 Recommended Shoe Colors)

Red is the color of love, bravery, and betrayal. Even its varying shades like maroon and burgundy have significantly impacted the fashion industry. Since it illuminates confidence, burgundy is one of the most preferred colors of dresses, especially for special events and occasions.

You can enrich your burgundy dress by pairing them with shoes of varying shades like white, cream, rose gold, black, etc. There is so much more to it, and we shall let you in on some of the best fashion techniques and secrets in the following article.


8 Recommended Shoe Colors To Make Your Burgundy Dress Stand Out

Recommended Colors Shoes To Make Your Burgundy Dress

 With the following suggestions, you can finally let go of the constant dilemma as to what color shoes you should pair with your burgundy dress.

1. White Shoes with Burgundy Dress

White Shoes for a Distinctive Look

 White and burgundy go together like a wink and a smile. Since white is a neutral color, it contrasts with burgundy’s saturation.

This combination goes well with dark as well as pale skin. If you have a ballroom event to attend, we recommend wearing white peep toes or stilettos.

However, if it is a casual event or a picnic, you can slide into a pair of white sneakers.


2. Cream Shoes with Burgundy Dress

 A pair of cream shoes, a brown overall jacket, and a burgundy dress is a timeless combination. You can pair them with gold jewelry to look like complete royalty.

If you think that the cream shoes are not bringing enough color to your outfit, you can carry a bright-colored handbag.

Regardless, if you want something subtle, classy, and sophisticated, cream shoes are the way to go. Moreover, you can find the right shade as per your skin tone easily since cream-colored shoes are available everywhere.


3. Gold Shoes with Burgundy Dress

Gold Shoes for a Gold Look

 Gold color doesn’t necessarily need to be restricted to jewelry. You can add sparkle to your fit by investing in a pair of golden shoes.

If gold seems too loud for you, you can ease up the excess tension of shades by pairing your burgundy dress with rose gold shoes. You can also pair the outfit with a shoulder handbag.


4. Black Shoes with Burgundy Dress

Black Shoes for a Simple and Stunning Look

 People refrain from wearing black and burgundy together, fearing that the outfit might come off as too gaudy.

But we are here to tell you that you can rock black shoes with a burgundy dress by choosing the right kind of shade.

If your dress is of a light shade of burgundy, you can choose regular black shoes. However, if the burgundy dress has a darker shade, we suggest going with matte black shoes. It will really help bring out the color without being too flashy.

We also suggest wearing a black bodysuit under your burgundy dress, especially if it has a long v-neck. It will make your outfit look professional as well as appealing.


5. Yellow Shoes with Burgundy Dress

 Yellow shoes on their own sound very experimental and more like a trial-and-error combination. However, we are here to tell you that you can pair your burgundy dress with your yellow peep toes, wedges, or pumps.

The best shades of yellow are mustard, dandelion, and Tuscan sun.

If you are medium-brown or olive skin, we also recommend going with flaxen-colored shoes with your burgundy dress.


6. Green Shoes with Burgundy Dress

Burgundy and green are some of the best combinations for traditional or formal settings. Be it a wedding or an office meeting; you can carry this combination without worrying about the boldness of the colors.

The seriousness of burgundy can be set off with mint, sheen, or tea green shoes.

Moreover, the green shoes will bring a level of freshness to your outfit, making them a preferable choice for day events.


7. Navy Shoes with Burgundy Dress

 Burgundy and navy are rich and warm colors with deep tones that create a complete outfit. A body-fit burgundy dress paired with navy shoes and a brown coat will create a glamorous outfit, something that will certainly turn heads wherever you go.

The presence of navy color in your outfit also leaves room to experiment with jewelry. You can either pair it with silver or gold jewelry- the choice is completely yours.

The 60-30-10 rule works best with navy and burgundy.

For example, you can let the burgundy dress take the lead, followed by your navy shoes. Lastly, you can pair it up with a bag or scarf of a contrasting color, preferably off-white.


8. Khaki Shoes with Burgundy Dress

 This might seem unconventional, but khaki shoes will look great and ravishing with a rich burgundy dress.

If you have pale skin, we recommend shoes of the sand shade. Similarly, if your skin is medium-brown or olive, camel or British tan is your ally.

Lastly, taupe is the perfect shade of khaki for women with dark skin.

Choose wisely.


Valuable Tips for Styling your Burgundy Dress

 Once you are done with selecting the shoes, do not make the mistake of thinking that your work is done.

Stying your outfit is an entirely different process, and it can come off as cumbersome, especially for somebody who is new to fashion.

Irrespective of your take or expertise in fashion, the following tips will help you get a red-carpet-ready outfit with minimum effort.


What’s in Your Hand?

Deciding the color of your purse is as important as choosing the shade of your shoes. We suggest going with a warm-colored satchel or clutch bag, preferably in the shade of nude, brown, or cream.


Get a Monochromatic Look

If you do not feel like creating a contrasting outfit, you can match your dress with burgundy shoes and a burgundy bucket or floppy hat. You can also choose different shades of burgundy for a more prominent outfit.


Accessorize with Gold

Just like golden shoes, gold jewelry goes well with burgundy dresses. You can either wear earrings with bracelets or a gold watch with a fine piece of necklace.

Do not go overboard with jewelry, and try to keep it simple and subtle.


Coat it Right

 If the temperatures are dropping, you can pair your burgundy dresses with an overall jacket.

We wouldn’t recommend going with denim jackets as they might take away the entire essence of the dress.

You can try beige coats and jackets to create a wholesome autumn look.


Structure your Outfit

If you’d like to flaunt your curves with your dress, try pairing it with a thin black belt. Put it just above your hips to create an intricate definition of your dress.



Q. What goes better with burgundy silver or gold?

Gold and burgundy are an elegant combination since both of them have rich undertones. You can also try silver jewelry, but if you want your outfit to stand out, we recommend pairing your burgundy dresses with gold jewelry.


Q. What skin tone does burgundy look good on?

While burgundy looks good on every skin tone, it works best on pink, peach, golden, olive, and ebony skin tones.


Q. What’s the Takeaway?

Well, we hope that the aforementioned article has established that burgundy is a rich and experimental color. You get a wide range of colors to choose from, as far shoes are concerned.

What color did you go for? Did it work for you? Do let us know in the comments below. We are also up for feedback and learning new aspects of fashion!


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