What Color Shoes Go With Khaki Pants? (8 Recommended Shoe Colors)

While Khaki uniforms were introduced for the British colonial troops in India, who knew they’d be a famous addition to 21st-century fashion? Khaki pants are comfortable, stylish, popular, and trendsetter. They blend well with all kinds of occasions- be it casual or formal.

While they look spectacular on their own, you can enhance their appearance by pairing them with the right color shoes. According to our style experts, we recommend pairing brown, black, white, beige, navy, burgundy, etc., shoes with khaki pants.

Why? How to style them? What colors to avoid? All these questions will be thoroughly answered in the following article.


8 Recommended Shoe Colors to Pair with Khaki Pants

Best Color Shoes to Pair with Khaki Pants

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, khaki pants can be your ally. But to get a complete look, you can choose from the following color of shoes:


1. Brown Shoes with Khaki Pants

Since brown and khaki are earthy and neutral tone colors, you can create the perfect business casual outfit without seeming too extravagant. It helps you get a formal and yet not too formal look.

Pair contrasting shades of colors. For example, if you have light khaki pants, pair them with dark brown shoes. Similarly, pair your dark khaki pants with light brown shoes.

This will set the tone for casual as well as formal events by giving you the edge in terms of style and confidence.

You can get a complete outfit by donning a beige jacket or blazer. Women can wear a long coat to finish a perfect outfit.


2. Black Shoes with Khaki Pants

Black Shoes for a Simple and Stunning Look

Several people are against wearing khaki pants with black shoes because they feel it gives out a confusing vibe. However, we are here to tell you that you can definitely wear khaki pants with black shoes.

Since black is a neutral color, it complements any given color, including khaki.

However, it is best if you go with darker khaki pants while wearing black shoes. Light khaki pants and black shoes are not the best combinations in the fashion industry. The contrast would be too much of a distraction.


3. White Shoes with Khaki Pants

White Shoes for a Distinctive Look

 Just like brown and black, white shoes with khaki pants is a no-brainer. It is a go-to choice for people who want to wear khaki pants to a casual event like a BBQ with friends or a picnic date.

You can either wear formal dress shoes or go with your regular sneakers.

One more advantage is that white shoes go with all shades of khaki- light, and dark. This will allow you to quickly get ready without putting too much of a thought into your outfit.


4. Beige Shoes with Khaki Pants

Beige Shoes

People hesitate to wear beige shoes with khaki pants since they feel that the shoes will blend too quickly with the pants. While this might be true, you can rectify the issue by pairing contrasting shades of both colors.

You can pair a lighter shade of beige shoes with darker shades of khaki pants. The contrast will be more than enough to help others notice your pants without getting distracted by your shoes.


 5. Navy Shoes with Khaki Pants

Navy Shoes

Every man should have a pair of navy shoes in his closet since it is a perfect match for khaki pants. It enunciates an elegant yet relaxed vibe.

Since navy is cool and khaki is a warm color, they sit in contrast with each other. But the overall look of it is too good to be missed!


6. Burgundy Shoes with Khaki Pants

Burgundy Shoes

If you want an effortlessly stylish look, pair your khaki pants with burgundy shoes. Since both of them are earthy tones, you can create a dapper outfit by wearing a blue or navy shirt.

This pairing will give you a casual as well as a professional vibe. You can wear it to a business meeting, wedding, or even a fun trip with friends.

7. Green Shoes with Khaki Pants

Green Shoes

 Green color shoes are yet another unconventional option while pairing with khaki pants.

But green shoes can help you get a sporty look.

Opt for light color khaki pants with dark green shoes. Similarly, wear dark color khaki pants with light green shoes.


8. Red Shoes with Khaki Pants

Red Shoes

If khaki feels too dull for you, you can add a pop of color by pairing your khaki pants with red shoes. This is suitable for men as well as women.

But if you are going with red shoes, wear khaki pants in beige undertones. This will really help you bring out the true essence of the shoes as well as your pants.


How to Style Khaki Pants?

How to Style Khaki Pants

 Now that we have covered the footwear aspect, it is time to dive into other fields of fashion as far as khaki pants are concerned.

The following tips will help you style your khaki pants to make a long-lasting impression in any room you step into:


What Color Shirts to Wear with Khaki Pants?

 The best color shirts that go with khaki pants are maroon, brown, red, blue, gray, black, white, and burgundy.

You can select the type of shirt on the basis of the occasion.


What Color Belts to Wear with Khaki Pants?

 Belt color options remain limited with khaki pants. You can either wear a brown or a black belt. White is also a viable option, but we wouldn’t recommend it in formal environments.


What Color Jackets to Wear with Khaki Pants?

 Skip those regular black jackets and wear other colors like brown, grey, green, or burgundy.




Q. Can you wear sneakers with khakis?

The reason why khaki pants are loved globally is their versatility. Since they blend well with formal as well as casual settings, you can wear dress shoes as well as sneakers with khakis.


Q. How do you wear khaki pants casually?

If you want to wear your khaki pants casually, we recommend sneakers, boat shoes, combat boots, and flip flops as well.



As far as khaki pants are concerned, you can make the most of them by wearing them basically anywhere! They are certainly their money’s worth because of their versatility and casual yet formal appearance.

Select the right color of shoes, and do not forget to leave your comments below! We are looking forward to your feedback.


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