What Color Shoes Go With A Red Dress? (7 Perfect Shoes Color)

What Color Shoes Go With A Red Dress?

Red dresses stand as the number one choice for several essential outfits. For example, women save their intense and bold red dresses for weddings, social events, graduations, prom nights, etc. Moreover, actresses and artists love flaunting their red outfits on the red carpets. We are sure you all remember Rihanna at the ‘Valerian’ European premiere in 2017 with her gorgeous red gown.

While red dresses set themselves apart from the crown on themselves, it is necessary to pair them with the right kind of shoes. Our top recommendations include shoes in the shades of gold, silver, black, white, brown, nude, and blue.

We shall elaborate on our choices and even give you a quick insight into the styling of your red dress in the following article.


7 Perfect Shoes Color For Red Dress and Outfit

While there are a lot of colors to experiment with, you wouldn’t want to snatch the limelight away from your red dress, would you?

The following color shoes will help complement your outfit without distracting people from your lovely red dress:


1. Gold Shoes with Red Dress

Golden Shoes

Our top recommendation is gold shoes. Since gold is a warm color, it sits well with something as flashy and loud as red.

Gold shoes are nothing less than an absolute match if your red dress is simple and does not contain any patterns. Shimmery gold shoes will also work with all kinds of skin tones.

You can pull off this combination at weddings, corporate events, date nights, etc.

If you want to wear your gold shoes to a casual event, you can get gold sandals instead of heels.

This combination also gives you the liberty to style your outfit with gold jewelry.


2. Silver Shoes with Red Dress

Silver Shoe

In case gold is getting too gaudy for you, you can try other metallic tones like silver shoes. These color shoes will feel straight out of a fairy tale, especially when paired with silver stilettos.

Similar to gold shoes, you can use your silver shoes to bring about a spark to your outfit.

While gold shoes work for the day and night events, silver shoes are best to be kept only for night events. The shine from silver shoes will instantly bring the limelight to you and your outfit.

Silver shoes work best with silver jewelry. A pair of hoops or simple studs can go a long way in completing your outfit.

If you have a silver bag, you are good to go without bombarding your outfit with additional accessories.


3. Black Shoes with Red Dress

Black Shoes

Black and red are symbolic to love mixed with hatred. Be that as it may, we absolutely love the combination of black shoes with a red dress.

Since black shoes are found in everybody’s wardrobe, it is also easier for you to pair them with your red dress without making any additional expenses.

It also makes it easier for you to match your black shoes with a black sling bag, clutch, or satchel. Along with that, you can quickly find matching jewelry as well.

The contrast created by black shoes and a red dress will highlight your dress without making it look “too out there.”


4. White Shoes with Red Dress

White Shoe

If you want to keep your outfit simple yet glamorous, we recommend pairing your red dress with white shoes. Since both are neutral colors, you can add more sparkle in the form of jewelry and additional accessories like a jacket or a bag.

You can also wear a gold ankle over your white shoes. This will add the necessary shimmer to your outfit.

This combination works well for weddings as white and red enunciate a peaceful and happy vibe.


5. Brown Shoes with Red Dress

Brown Shoes

If you have a light red dress, we suggest pairing it up with dark black shoes. Similarly, pair your light brown shoes with a dark red dress. The contrast will give you a chic look without any additional effort.

Wearing a red dress with brown shoes also gives you enough options in terms of jewelry. You can wear your brown purses with a red dress, along with a brown jacket or overcoat.


6. Nude Shoes with Red Dress

Nude Shoes

If brown seems too dull for you, we recommend wearing nude shoes with a red dress. You can offset the neutral pairing with gold jewelry and colorful jackets.

However, be extra careful while picking out the shade of your nude shoes. It must not be completely different from your skin tone. Choose the closest one, and you are good to go.


7. Blue Shoes with Red Dress

Blue Shoe

Wearing blue shoes with a red dress will put you in the category of women making bold fashion choices, and we love that!

Blue shoes with a red dress might not be for everybody, but if you are up for experimentation, why not? You can have some fun while accessorizing it as well.


How About Red Shoes with Red Dress?

Wearing red shoes with your red dress will create a perfect monochromatic look. The brightness of red will certainly turn heads when you walk by.

You can also neutralize the redness by adding contrast accessories like a beige jacket, gold jewelry, or a black belt.

All in all, go paint the world red with your flawless red outfit.


Animal Print Shoes- Yes or No?

If you are looking for some edge in your outfit, you can also pair your red dress with a pair of animal print shoes.

You can pair it up with nude accessories. But do not add anything loud since the animal print shoes are already doing that task for you.



What color bag goes well with a red dress?

If you want to wear your red dress to a formal event, we suggest wearing a brown or gold purse. If it is a casual setting, you can have fun with several color options like navy, black, nude, yellow, etc.


What accessories go well with a red dress?

Metallic accessories like gold and silver work well with a red dress. You can also opt for multi-color accessories like red, white, nude, black, etc.



Red dresses are a staple in every woman’s dream closet. It is so versatile that you can wear the same red dress to a formal event as well as a romantic date. However, the change lies in the shoes and additional accessories.

We hope that the aforementioned styling guide has helped you make better use of your red dress. We will be back with several other types of fashion and styling posts, so stay tuned!

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