What Color Shoes Can You Wear With White Jeans?

What Color Shoes Can You Wear With White Jeans

Fashion has evolved over the years. With newer pieces of clothing being introduced on a daily basis, some remain staple and iconic. White jeans are one of them.

They can be worn throughout the year, irrespective of the season, occasion, or mood. They provide the comfort of your regular denim jeans but add a little spark of style to them.
However, some might feel white jeans to be…well, white and plain. While that might be true, you can style that up by pairing it with some trendy colorful shoes. Our favorite colors are black, white, grey, brown, silver, nude, red, etc.

Need more insight? It’s waiting for you in the following article.


7 Best Color Shoes to Pair with your White Jeans

Forget about the “No White After Labor Day” rule. Embrace your elegance in the form of white jeans and pair them up with the following color shoes:


1. Bossy Black with White Jeans

Do we need to say anything about the exemplary combination of white and black? This pairing works throughout the year- be it for a sunny afternoon date or a chilly dinner date.

Another reason to choose this combination is that anybody can pull this off. It is simple yet fascinating when put together.

You can go with black stilettoes, pumps, open-toed heels, boots, wedges, etc. If you have ankle jeans, we recommend strap-on heels as well.


2. Warm White with White Jeans

White Shoes

White on white gives out a chic vibe. This combination is best for summer days.

You get a monochromatic look with white jeans and white shoes. But if that is coming off as too plain, you can pair it up with a colorful jacket like red, black, or yellow.

Have some fun with the colorful. Some funky jewelry will also work in casual settings.


3. Glamorous Grey with White Jeans

Grey heels or grey shoes are the epitomai of casual grace. They blend well with white since both of them are neutral colors.

You can pull off a fun and casual look with white jeans.

Similar to white on white, if grey is getting too simple for you, you can add a pop of color in the form of a jacket.


4. Breezy Brown with White Jeans

Brown Shoes

If you do not want your shoes to grab all the attention and steal the limelight from our outfit, we suggest pairing your white jeans with brown shoes.

This color combination is one of our top recommendations for office and professional settings.

You can either opt for boots or wedges, or high heels.

Pair it up with a brown leather bag or faux fur jacket to get a complete and well-put-together look.


5. Sleeky Silver with White Jeans

Silver Shoe

If you want a touch of metallic tone to your outfit, we suggest going with silver shoes.

You can try some shimmery silver shoes for night events. This will bring a good sparkle to your outfit to help you stand out.

Some silver studs will also look great with silver shoes and white jeans.

However, since the shoes will control the shine factor, keeping everything else simple and suing is in the best interest.


6. Natural Nude with White Jeans

Nude Shoes for a Neutral Look

If playing with colors if not your cup of tea, especially with outfits, it is best to go with nude shades of shoes.

You can select the best shade of nude according to your skin tone. This will also give you the liberty to style your outfit in a more colorful way in the form of blazers, scarves, and jewelry.


7. Raunchy Red with White Jeans

Red shoes with white jeans might be a bold choice for some, but we absolutely love the combination.

Red will add a pop of color to any ordinary outfit. You can simply step out in a plain white blouse, white jeans, and red stilettoes and still make the headlines.

This combination is best for formal as well as casual events.


Best Ways to Wear White Jeans

White jeans can be used in several ways to create classic white outfits. You can adhere to the following suggestions for the best kind of styling:

  1. White jeans with a dark cami top will give you a minimal yet stylish look. This outfit is best for catching a movie with friends or going on a shopping trip. Pair it up with some flat sandals and a slingback. If you want to make it more on the edge of chic, throw in some gold jewelry and a belt.
  1. Looking for something to wear to your daily meetings? Wear your favorite light-colored blouse with white jeans. Throw on a blazer, preferably with a dark shade and some high heels. Add some minimal jewelry pieces, and you are ready to take matters into your own hands.
  2. If you are planning to wear your white jeans while traveling, wear a crop top or something with a knot. Don a white cap with some black shoes.
  3. Scarf tops are totally in style. You can wear those printed tops with white jeans and a pair of gold hoops. Wear colorful heels with this outfit to bring out the true Boho essence.
  4. White jeans and denim jacket can never ever go wrong. Pair it up with a dark t-shirt underneath and your favorite pair of sneakers.
  5. Lightweight, full-length frocks with a slit go amazingly well with white jeans. Pick out neutral colors like light blue or beige to make the most of this concept.
  6. You can create a tuxedo look by pairing your white jeans with a plain white shirt. Don a navy blue or black blazer on top, and you are good to go.



Is it OK to wear white jeans in the winter?

The right way to wear white jeans in winter is by layering them. You can pair it up with some boots, a jacket, a woolen scarf, etc.


Can white jeans be business casual?

White jeans can be worn in a casual business environment. The trick is to layer it with the right kind of tops and shoes to make you look more professional.


Final Note

We hope that we have established the fact that white jeans are never going to go out of fashion. At least, not till we keep on styling them in the right manner.

Did you find out styling tips useful? Which one are you going to integrate into your life? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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