The Best Shoes for Jumping Rope in 2022 : Tested and Reviewed for Hours of Comfort and Performance

Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an effective technique to burn excess fat and calories off your body. It is one of the easiest workouts that one can perform on his/ her own without requiring an expert’s support. However, it is not free of the risks that it comes with. You might injure your foot if it gets strangled in the rope.

Also, you are supposed to land on your toes. Therefore, they are the most vulnerable part of your feet that bear the maximum shock and friction from the ground. Some people prefer to jump rope barefoot. But it is highly suggestible to own a pair of best shoes for jumping rope that can protect your feet from any injury while providing adequate support for a swift workout session. So, here, in this article, we have reviewed the top 15 shoes opt for jumping a rope from which you can easily select one as per your requirements.

Brand/ModelWeightHeel-to-Toe DropArch SupportBreathabilityDurabilityComfortRatingFit
Adidas Adipower11 oz10 mmHighGoodVery GoodGood4.7/5True to size
Brooks Ghost 1111 oz12 mmHighExcellentExcellentVery Good4.7/5True to size
Nike Metcon 612 oz6 mmModerateGoodExcellentVery Good4.5/5True to size
Puma Tazon 611 oz8 mmModerateExcellentGoodVery Good4.5/5True to size
Asics Gel-Kayano 2512 oz10 mmHighGoodExcellentVery Good4.6/5Runs small
Under Armour TriBase Reign10 oz6 mmModerateExcellentGoodVery Good4.4/5Runs small
Saucony Freedom ISO 29 oz4 mmModerateExcellentGoodExcellent4.4/5True to size
Reebok Nano X13 oz4 mmHighExcellentVery GoodExcellent4.3/5Runs small
Mizuno Wave Rider 2311 oz12 mmHighExcellentExcellentGood4.3/5Runs small
New Balance Minimus9 oz0 mmLowExcellentGoodExcellent4.2/5Runs small


Here are the top shoes for jumping rope in 2022 that you should consider

Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes

This highly comfortable and lightweight shoe comes with a textile upper woven with Flexweave. It enables a great stretch and gives adequate support to your feet. It also ensures high breathability.

Lightweight EVA foam cushioning provides the necessary comfort while you endure high-performance activity. The compression-molded midsole helps to achieve a smooth stride after a jump by providing all the support and comfort needed with its long-lasting cushioning.

You are not required to worry about the durability of this shoe because of the high-quality textile material used in its upper and rubber utilized in its outsole. The minimal drop rubber outsole will let you attain high stability after a jump with the help of its supportive EVA rim.

Molded sock liner, along with heel bootie, takes the comfort and performance of the shoe to another level. For added flexibility, it features a forefront groove that helps to conform to your natural foot movement when jumping for a prolonged period.

With its high-density foam collar, it not only offers additional comfort but also adds to the style of this footwear. These shoes come in a plethora of colors ranging from basic blacks and whites to Vector Navy and orange. Shoe fit isn’t a problem with Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes, as it is available in various shoe widths, starting from extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide foot widths. Also, the available shoe sizes begin from US size 7 to US size 15.


  • Ample cushioning at heel and midsoles give added comfort to your feet.
  • Tread grooves at the outsole conform to the natural foot movement.
  • These are stylish, as well as added with excellent performance for high endurance activities.


  • It is slightly on the expensive side.
UpperFlexweave material for breathability and support
SoleRubber outsole for traction and durability
CushioningResponsive cushioning for comfort and energy return
Lacing systemTraditional lacing system with additional eyelets for a secure fit
Tongue and collarPadded tongue and collar for extra comfort
FitTrue to size
Weight13 oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop4 mm
Arch SupportHigh
DurabilityVery Good
AvailabilityOnline and in stores


Nike Free X Metcon 6

Nike Free X Metcon 2

The Nike Free X Metcon 6 comprises a stable platform along with flat heel to help you be planted and stable on the ground after a jump. It enables free movement of your foot with its midfoot cage lock that aims to keep your foot in place without restricting its movements.

For comfort, it comes with a high-quality foam midsole that provides an ample amount of cushioning whenever you require it after a stride. It also helps you with stability while jumping for a prolonged time or practicing heavy weightlifting. The upper is made up of mesh fabric, which provides breathable and durable support. The cushioned insole adds to the level of comfort that this shoe offers.

The rubber outsoles on the sides help to avoid abrasion, and the deep grooves along it provide flexibility and expansion in all directions. It helps to uniformly distribute the weight so that you can achieve a lightweight feel while you train yourself.

This sneaker-styled training shoe has a low-profile and supportive silhouette. The pull tab at the back provides a sock-like feel. It comes in a wide range of colors to pick from. The lacing system with Flywire cables helps to attain a locked-down fit. It is available in the market in a wide range of sizes, starting from as low as US 3.5 to as big as US 18 with all foot widths from XXN to XXW.


  • Cushioned insoles provide added comfort.
  • Stylish and sturdy sneaker design.
  • It comes in a wide variety of sizes and widths for all foot types.


  • Shoe width is narrow.
  • The tread features low-quality material.
FeatureNike Free X Metcon 6Nike Free X Metcon 5
UpperFlywire cables for stability, breathable meshBreathable mesh, synthetic overlays for support
SoleThick rubber sole for durabilityRubber sole with flex grooves for flexibility
CushioningCushioned insole and midsole for comfortCushioned insole and midsole for comfort
Lacing systemTraditional lacing systemTraditional lacing system
Tongue and collarPadded tongue and collar for extra comfortPadded tongue and collar for extra comfort
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
Weight12 oz12 oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop6 mm6 mm
Arch SupportModerateModerate
ComfortVery GoodVery Good
AvailabilityOnline and in storesOnline and in stores


New Balance Men’s 517 V2 Cross Trainer

New Balance Men's 517 V2 Cross Trainer

The support and comfort that these shoe offers are unquestionable. It comprises of upper that is made up of 50% Leather and 50 % Mesh fabric. It allows excellent breathability inside the shoe. Leather, along with mesh, adds to the longevity of this shoe. Therefore, it maintains a complete balance between comfort and durability.

Though they feature a heavy and bulky look, they are incredibly light in weight, enabling you to have free and unrestricted movement during your high-performance workout. The mesh upper has been specially designed with the latest engineered techniques to allow flexibility without compromising the stability of the foot.

The midsole comprises ABZORB technology that helps to achieve a great and comfortable landing after every jump. With the help of the New Balance PU comfort insole, this shoe offers you a high level of coziness that you would love during your high-intensity workout. The outsoles are made up of rubber that is highly durable, and the grooves over it make jumping a rope feel a lot easier by keeping your foot planted on the ground swiftly.

Coming in shoe sizes ranging from as small as US size 4 and extending to as large as US size 20, this shoe offers a size to fit every individual. Along with the sizes, there has been no compromise with the shoe width. It is available in various shoe widths ranging from XXN to XXW.


  • The leather and mesh fabric-made shoes are highly durable.
  • EVA footbeds give improved comfort and luxury.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • Not very stylish in appeal.
  • It runs small in size.


Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer

This super stylish shoe features a sporty sneaker look. It comes in a plethora of elegant colors featuring distinct and unique patterns. You can pick from sizes ranging from US size 7 up to US size 15. It features a shoe width for every foot type, ranging from extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide.

It is made up of 100% high-quality fabric that enables ventilation through it for breathable comfort. The material enhances the flexibility of the shoe, allowing it to conform to the foot shape. This woven textile upper helps to attain a locked-in feel without restricting your foot movement.

Comfort and performance are two things that you will get in abundance from this shoe. It comes with EVA footbeds to provide excellent support after a jump. Also, the cushioned midsoles offer the right amount of cushioning to provide relief as well as stability to the areas that need more comfort and support while exercising with a rope.

For stability, it features a low-top measuring shaft that provides an ample amount of support to the ankle and arch of the foot. Its support cage feature helps to lock in the foot to save it from any kind of injury.

The rubber outsoles are highly durable, and along with PU midsoles, it helps to absorb all the friction being produced while landing after a jump on the ground. The grooves on the front of the rubber outsole help to keep you planted and stable on the floor.


  • The lace-up pattern, along with the support cage feature, facilitates a locked-in foot.
  • Woven textile upper offers excellent breathability.


  • It doesn’t provide great toe room for toe movement.
  • Durability is questionable.


PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture FM Shoe

PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture FM Shoe

With no compromise done with the appearance, PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture FM Shoe comes in seven different outstanding colors. You can choose from Black, Periscope-Puma Silver, Puma Black, Black with Safety Yellow, Quiet shade-high Risk red, Black along with dark shadow with red, and White/ Black/ Flamescarletcolor combinations.

These run-train performance sneakers showcase a seasonal and fracture graphic to offer a modern look. The sizes start from US 6 and extend up to US 16. However, shoe width can be a big disappointment for this footwear because it features only 2-widths that are Medium and Wide. Therefore, if you have a narrow or extra wide foot, this shoe isn’t appropriate for you.

It is made up of 100% Textile and synthetic fabric. It provides flexibility as well as ventilation to the shoe. With shaft measuring approximately low-top from the arch, it offers great support and stability to the overall foot.

For comfort, it provides you with an ample amount of cushioning on the midsoles to offer you a comfy fit while you train heavily. The EVA footbeds add to the level of comfort that the shoe offers. It has got a slightly higher heel to provide support to the free and light movement of your foot during the jumping session.

Though it might appear heavy or bulky, it is an extremely lightweight shoe. It offers great toe room for toe movement and breathability. The outsoles comprise high-quality rubber, and the grooves on the front, sides, and heel of the shoe help to keep up the traction with the floor while you keep jumping the rope.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Super stylish in appearance and provides enhanced comfort.
  • It offers excellent traction with tread grooves.


  • It is not available for narrow or wide foot width.
  • Not durable.


Nike Metcon 5 Training Shoes

Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoes

With varied and unique colors, the shoe offers an exclusive stylish pattern. It is a great combination of style, stability, and durability. It is made up of synthetic upper that allows breathability through its mesh fabric.

The sticky rubber outsoles provide you with the grip that you require to hold onto the ground stably. The upper mesh fabric, along with the rubber outsole, helps to achieve the enhanced durability of this shoe. Also, the haptic 3D print ensures and reinforces the longevity of this footwear from toe to heel.

Being the most recognized sports brand, Nike offers a shoe for every foot size and width. Nike Metcon 5 Training Shoes are available in a plethora of sizes, which run from as small as US size 3.5 and extend up to as large as US size 18. Offering shoe widths for various foot types, you can get a sneaker with widths ranging from extra-extra narrow to medium to extra-extra wide.

It is a sturdy shoe that is extremely light in weight. With an adaptable cushioning feature, the drop-in midsole that the shoe features is softer at the forefront while being firmer at the heel. It enables the footwear to offer you excellent support and flexible cushioning for sprints, jumping rope, short runs, etc.

With a strong and even flat base, it offers you a stable platform that helps you to be planted and connected to the ground firmly. The TPU heel counter provides enhanced stability for lateral movements. It has got a secure fit system, that locks in your foot without restricting its natural movement. For a secured fit, it features laces that engage flywire cables around your foot.


  • Mesh fabric provides breathability and facilitates flexible comfort.
  • Haptic 3D print ensures durability.
  • The flexible cushioned midsole gives comfort and support.


  • Stiff in the beginning.


Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

This shoe offers you the flexibility to choose from the two kinds of uppers that it comes in. You can either choose a fabric upper or a textile upper. Both of them are highly breathable and durable.

The high-abrasion rubber outsole adds to the durability of the shoe. It features flex grooves on the forefront that adds to the flexibility that this shoe offers. It also helps in keeping you securely connected to the ground. The laces help to attain a secure and stable fit.

The shaft measurement is about low-top from the arch enabling ample amount of support to the foot to save it from certain injuries. With its highly-cushioned midsoles, it offers you comfy support during your high-intensity workout. The new heel bootie construction enables you to achieve extraordinary performance in terms of comfort. It provides great toe room for flexible movement of the toes along with a toe section to protect your toe area while you land after a jump.

It is exceptionally light in weight, weighing approximately 10oz. While it might not be having the most appealing design, however, the low-cut design adds to its mobility. Appearance might be a disappointment to some, but if you are looking for a sturdy, durable, and stable performance shoe for an extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide foot, this might be your pick. It is available in sizes ranging from US size 7 to US size 15.


  • Mesh fabric ensures breathability and durability.
  • Heel bootie provides great performance comfort.
  • The low-cut design facilitates mobility and stability.


  • It is not appealing in appearance.


Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross-Trainer Shoe

Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross-Trainer Shoe

Beyond brand recognition, Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross-Trainer Shoe offers a super-stylish look. It is incredibly appealing in appearance and comes in two different colors, that is Anthracite/ Black and Black/ Metallic Silver-cool Grey.

Made with textile and synthetic upper, it features intertwined bands that not only add to the stylish appearance but also facilitate a dynamic fit technology that helps to wrap the midfoot like a glove. These intertwined bands can be customized through laces for achieving great arch comfort.

The mesh fabric provides lightweight and breathable comfort by providing a sock-like fit and also enabling an easy on and off. The synthetic wrap-up design on the sides cradles the foot during any diagonal or side-to-side movement in your rope jumping workout. This footwear offers excellent comfort with the help of its midsole which is made up of Lunarlon foam, which provides lightweight, plush, and responsive cushion support and comfort.

The high-quality and solid outsole made up of rubber marks a great grip on a variety of surfaces. It features wide and deep flex grooves, which allow the foot to have a natural movement. For additional support, the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch.

This budget-friendly shoe comes in sizes starting from US 3.5 and ranging up to US 13. It is available in various widths to fit multiple foot types ranging from extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide.



  • Dynamic fit technology ensures a secure fit.
  • The mesh fabric provides enhanced breathability.
  • Solid rubber outsole gives reliable gripping.


  • Long break-in period.
  • Insoles aren’t removable.


New Balance Men’s 623 V3

Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

If you are finding a stylish and sporty shoe, then the New Balance Men’s 623 V3 might be your pick. They feature an extremely sturdy athletic design. Being available in nine different colors, you have the option to choose from basic white or black to classic charcoal or brown.

This pair of shoes are manufactured with 100% leather, which increases longevity. The water-resistant upper allows great breathable support for your foot. For extraordinary comfort, it comes with an EVA foam footbed along with extremely lightweight injection-molded midsoles made of EVA foam that offer firm and flexible cushioning to provide you with supportive comfort.

The ABZORB technology implemented in the midsoles absorbs all the impact through and friction via a combination of compression resistance technique and ample cushioning. The reinforced padded collar at the top provides additional comfort to keep you relaxed during your long workout or training sessions. To keep you secure and planted to the ground, they feature an internal midsole shank that adds to the midfoot structure and provides all the necessary support for additional stability with every jump.

The non-marking outsoles are made up of high-quality rubber that lets you work out on any kind of indoor or outdoor surface while keeping you planted to the ground with the help of its tread grooves. The slightly raised heel comes with ample cushioning to support the natural and light movement of the foot. It is available in sizes from US 4 to US 20. Also, it is available in various shoe widths from XXN to XXW.


  • ABZORB technology-facilitated cushioning in the midsole gives strong impact resistance.
  • EVA foam midsole and footbed provide great comfort.


  • The laces are too short.
  • Low arch support.


NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes

NOBULL Men's Training Shoes

Made up of purely mesh fabric upper, NOBUL Men’s Training Shoes feature a superb and seamless one-piece construction of the SuperFabric. It is incredibly breathable with proper ventilation channels all through it.

This abrasion-resistant material ensures the durability of the shoe. It seems quite light in appearance and weight. By application of the SuperFabric guard plates over the flexible mesh base layer, it creates a 360-degree protection surface to shield your foot from several injuries. With a flat and uniform base, it will keep you safely planted and connected to the ground.

The rubber outsole helps to enhance the gripping of the shoe on various types of floors. The outsole lug pattern allows for great flexibility for an easy transition between inside and outside, by providing the necessary support and traction on any kind of surface.

With just the right amount of cushioning in the sole, toe, and heel, they offer great comfort during your long endurance-based workout sessions. The toe box is decently wide to allow toe flexibility. They fit into your feet snugly without restricting their natural and free movements.

The limitation of this shoe is that it is not suitable for narrow or wide foot types. It is only available in medium shoe width. Also, it isn’t available in smaller shoe sizes. The sizes for this shoe run from US size 8 to US size 15.


  • The shoe comes for very light on the pocket.
  • It is pretty light in weight.
  • Breathability and durability are ensured with a mesh upper and rubber outsole.


  • Not available for varied foot types.
  • Not comfortable for long workout sessions.


Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

They are perfect for achieving a sturdy and manly look. Although these shoes appear super heavy in looks, they are highly lightweight. They are made up of leather and combined with synthetic upper.

If durability is your concern, then this shoe can be your top pick. The durable leather on the top not only provides support but also facilitates sufficient airflow through the perforations. It is a perfect combination of durability, breathability, and comfort.

The shaft, which measures approximately low-top from the arch, provides you with optimum support. It offers you great arch support, so much so that if you have a knee problem, you can still securely walk in this shoe. To provide cushioned support to your every step or jump, it comes with a full-length encapsulated Air-Sole unit along with an extremely lightweight foam midsole. It offers you enhanced comfort during your workout sessions.

The rubber outsoles are designed with high-quality rubber to provide a durable and secure grip over various indoor and outdoor surfaces. It offers you great toe room for the flexible movement of toes. The high-raised platform and heel help to obtain a stable jump with a secure landing.

This budget-friendly pair of shoes come in various sizes starting from US 3.5 and extending up to US 13. It features multiple shoe widths, ranging from extra-extra narrow and reaching up to extra-extra wide. It is available in eight different colors for you to pick from.


  • Cushioned midsole makes the shoe extremely comfortable for your feet.
  • Leather, along with fabric, adds to the durability.
  • Optimum shaft measure provides excellent arch support.


  • The break-in period is high.
  • The air cushions squeak after usage for some time.


Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

Vibram Men's V Trail Runner

Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner shoes are quite different in appearance from their counterparts. If you are the one who needs something unique and different, you can check out this shoe.

They comprise Spandex and Polyester upper. Both of these materials help to keep the top portion of your feet extremely flexible. Its design imitates the shape of a regular human foot, which is hard to find in any other shoe that usually features rounded-off designs. It has been specifically designed for providing great flexibility and stretch to the feet. They offer excellent protection to your feet by balancing the proprioception of your foot.

The 5mm rubber outsole provides an adequate grip on all surfaces, along with providing impact protection from continuous and tremendous jumping sessions. You get maximum support from the shaft, which measures approximately low-top from the arch. Landing on the forefoot is not an issue with this shoe; it is designed to protect your feet from every angle.

The insole is made up of a 2mm EVA lining that helps to achieve enhanced comfort while you are performing great-endurance activities. For additional comfort, it has been channeled with a 3D cocoon technology. Thus, this pair of shoes is suitable for people with Plantar Fasciitis.

They come in three varied colors that are Grey/ Black/ Orange, Black/ Grey, and Blue/ Black. The greatest disappointment of this shoe is its unavailability in various widths. It is only available for a medium or a regular foot width. However, you can choose from shoe sizes ranging from US size 5.5 to US size 15.


  • The shoe offers improved stability and comfort at an affordable price.
  • The material used in the shoe makes it easy to wash in a machine.
  • Its shape provides a barefoot feel.


  • Not available for different foot types.
  • Unconventional design.


INov-8 Women’s F-Lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe

INov-8 Women's F-Lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe

If you are looking for something funky at a very affordable price range, then this can be your steal. This shoe is highly inexpensive and comes in two colour variants. You can choose from Black/ Teal/ Purple or Purple/ Pink. Being available in sizes ranging from US size-6 and extending up to US size 16.5, it is available for extra-narrow, narrow, medium, and wide foot widths.

It is made up of 100% synthetic fabric that allows for excellent ventilation and breathability throughout its surface. The rounded toe room provides a great toe area for flexible and free movement. The heel measures approximately 1-inch from the ground, which enables you to have a comfortable and stable jump while uplifting the foot.

For comfort, it has been encapsulated with injected EVA foam midsoles. They offer the right amount of cushioning to comfortably protect your foot from any amount of stress and friction when you land after a jump. The lace-up closure ensures a great and secure fit of the shoe so that it can snug properly without restricting the natural foot movement.

This shoe is quite light in weight and stretchable to adapt to your foot shape. However, if you have flat and broad feet, this shoe can be a major disappointment to you. The sticky outsole offers excellent grip on the ground every time you land.



  • Extremely affordable.
  • The synthetic fabric ensures high ventilation to your feet.
  • A 1-inch heel measure gives adequate support and stability.


  • Insoles are cheap quality.
  • No arch support.
  • Midsoles keep on slipping away.


New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Shoes

New Balance Men's 608 V5 Shoes

These shoes are extremely raw in appearance. However, the appearance depends upon your taste. If you like something raw and sturdy looking, then you can pick this one. It is made up of 100% leather. Therefore, it is highly durable. The superfine quality leather offers soft and breathable comfort to your feet.

The outsoles comprise of high-quality rubber that features deep flex grooves and covers the whole length of the sole of your shoe to help you obtain a great grip with the ground. The outsoles are flexible enough to adapt to different platform situations. Also, they are highly durable.

When talking about comfort, this pair of shoes comes with ABZORB cushioning on the midsole to provide maximum shock absorption capability. Also, it features removable and durable molded PU insoles that help to achieve a relaxed and comfortable fit while you perform highly intensive workout sessions. The dual-density collar foam aids this process of providing comfort by preventing any kind of irritation around the ankles.

The ABZORB heel crash pad helps to absorb all high-intensity impact through the amalgamation of the compression resistance method and an ample amount of high-quality cushioning. Also, this shoe features cushioning from all angles of the shoe for an incredibly comfortable experience while working out. If you have Arthritis in any of your ankles, you can go for this pair.

Available in almost every foot width ranging from XXN to XXW, you can choose from a wide range of shoe sizes starting from US size 4 to US size 20.


  • Extremely secure and comfortable with cushioning from all angles.
  • ABZORB heel crash pads facilitate shock absorbance and provide safety.
  • Leather material ensures durability and breathability.


  • A very long break-in period.
  • Raw appearance.


Xero Shoes Prio Minimalist Barefoot Shoe

Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

This extremely affordable pair of athletic shoes that feature a sneaker design comes in four different color variants. You can choose from Black/ White, Charcoal Red, Black, and Lightning Blue. It is available in various shoe widths ranging from extra-extra narrow to extra-extra wide. The sizes are currently available from US 6.5 and extend up to US 15.

Made up of woven imported fabric, you get proper air circulation throughout the shoe. It has got a natural fit. The sneaker will adapt to your feet’s structure quickly. The Xero-drop sole comprising of the non-elevated heel, which is low to the ground, allows for a proper balance and posture of the body, after landing.

The outsole is made up of high-quality rubber, which is flexible enough to let your feet move and bend. It has got a wide toe area, which enables the great and flexible movement of toes for comfortable wear.

The PU insoles provide you with all the necessary comfort, and if you need extra comfort, you can put in the optional 2mm insole that comes with the shoe. You can wear this sneaker for a barefoot feel without socks. However, if you want to wear it without socks, then it is usually suggested to buy half a size down. Otherwise, they run true to the size. They come with an inverted V strap that isn’t sewn down, and therefore, can be used to lock in your instep for a comfortable fit.


  • The wide-toe box gives a natural fit.
  • Vegan-friendly materials used in the shoe make it highly environment-friendly.
  • Barefoot friendly.


  • Not durable.


How to Pick the Best Jump Rope Shoes?

You can’t wear any regular shoes while jumping a rope. You might end up injuring your foot. Therefore, you need to look for certain specifications before picking up a particular pair of shoes for jumping rope.



The shoes must be extremely light in weight so that while you jump, you do not have an excessive load to carry on. Lightweight shoes will enable a swift jumping session without putting an extra burden on your feet.



Look for shoes that come with a robust platform and suitable heel measure for achieving the stability that you need while landing on the ground after a jump. Heels up to the height of 1 inch provide excellent support to ensure a stable and secure workout session with a jumping rope.



When you invest in something, you do not want it to wear or tear off quickly. Therefore, look for the material of the shoe. It should be able to maintain the longevity of the shoe.



For jumping ropes, you would need lightweight and durable shoe material. So, you can choose from the following options as the material of your shoe.



Shoes made with leather are the most durable of all. Leather is breathable enough and has a too-short break-in time. It also protects your feet a bit extra from any other shoe materials.


Mesh fabric:

It is incredibly light in weight. This kind of fabric stands next to leather in terms of durability. It is highly breathable and allows proper circulation of air throughout the shoe. Also, it is highly flexible.


Synthetic material:

This kind of fabric is breathable and flexible; however, not as good as mesh or leather. It is usually imported, and hence its quality is questionable, which further leads to the suspectable durability of this kind of shoe material.



This factor is non-negotiable when buying any kind of footwear. Always look for EVA foam cushioned midsoles and EVA footbeds. If you want additional comfort, try searching for extra padded or cushioned collars.



When you are jumping a rope, you will produce a considerable amount of sweat all over your body. If your shoes aren’t breathable enough, then you might end up with sweaty and sticky feet, which are highly uncomfortable. It also makes you fatigue faster. So, look for shoes, which allow a significant amount of airflow.


Grip and traction:

Now, this is something pretty essential while looking for the best shoes for jumping rope. A better and firm grip will not only provide your feet with a foundation to make the next big leap but also offer them protection when you land. Look for outsoles made up of rubber with tread grooves, especially on the forefront. It will help to maintain excellent traction properties on any kind of surface.


Shoe size and width:

Your shoes should neither be tight nor loose. They should snug into your feet perfectly. Opt for shoes that offer varying widths and sizes. Always choose a shoe according to your foot type.

Along with these, there are certain factors like arch support, shock absorption capacity, affordability, etc. that you need to check on to consider a shoe as the best one for jumping ropes.


FAQs for Shoes for Jumping Rope:

Is it OK to jump rope without shoes?

Yes, you can. Jumping rope without shoes helps your feet in several ways. It helps in the exponential development of your feet along with providing strength to the minute and important feet muscles. It is also less risky than wearing the wrong pair of shoes. But if you keep jumping rope for a prolonged period barefoot, you might injure your forefront with bruises. However, if you wear the right pair of shoes, they will strengthen the foot muscles and provide great comfort and support to your feet while jumping a rope.


What shoes make you jump higher?

There are numerous qualities that you must look for while considering shoes that make you jump higher. First and foremost, they should be extremely light in weight. Bulky shoes will restrict your jump. Secondly, a leveled platform helps to gain momentum quickly and provides it for a high jump. Also, the padding at the heel and its measure play a big part in giving impetus to your jump. The grooves on the outsole, especially on the front, should be flexible and exhibit excellent gripping properties.


Is it OK to jump rope every day?

As long as you are comfortable with it, you can jump rope every day. There is no harm in jumping rope every day, provided you aren’t suffering from any injury. It is a high-endurance workout, which requires a lot of energy. Therefore, if you are feeling lethargic, please do not consider jumping rope on such days. If everything is well, you can gain the benefits of jumping rope regularly, which includes strengthening your muscles along with the reduction of calories.


Is jump rope better than running?

According to certain research, jumping rope has been considered the best workout for the complete body, even better than running. It burns a higher amount of calories per minute than running at a medium pace. Also, it is proven through research that running an eight-minute mile equates to rope jumping at a moderate pace. So, if you aim to lose weight quickly, then jumping rope wins overrunning.


Is jump rope bad for knees?

No. As long as you aren’t suffering from a knee injury, jumping rope isn’t bad for your knees. Instead, it can be highly beneficial for your knees. It is an excellent and one of the easiest ways to endure strength in all parts of your legs and arms muscles. It also aids in improving your body posture along with increasing the bone density of your legs.


Can I lose weight by jumping rope every day?

It is proven that jumping rope is the best exercise to lose weight quickly. It helps in burning off additional calories and fat at a very high rate. While you might think about various cardio exercises, jumping rope is even better than running, swimming, rowing, cycling, etc. It revives your metabolism and helps you to burn off weight quickly.



It is vital to protect your feet from high-intensity friction produced while you are jumping rope. Therefore, you must look for all the factors mentioned at the beginning of this article before purchasing the shoes. However, if you don’t want to do that much of a hassle, you can pick Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes. They are incredibly comfortable featuring EVA footbeds and PU midsoles. Also, they feature an EVA rim on the rubber outsole to offer great support and grip on any kind of surface. Its textile upper woven with Flexweave provides enhanced breathability, flexibility, and durability.

However, if you want to choose for yourself, you can look for the other aforementioned options that can provide you with a secure, smooth, and comfortable jumping rope experience.

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